Human/House/Harvey: Wood Grain

Anything with a wood-grain texture is a friend of mine. Something about the raw look and feel of a wood-grain piece makes me feel more connected to nature (silly, I know). I don’t think my Mr. Harvey appreciates it as much as I do, but a good wood element can add something special to the look of a room. The items I chose today are simple in style but so clean and fresh in design — and I am down with that! — Stephanie

HUMAN — I used to be obsessed with watches. I mean, I would have six to seven watches in rotation for my everyday look. (Who am I kidding . . . I am still obsessed.) I love this wooden style because it is a) unlike anything I already own, and b) it can go with just about any outfit.

HOUSE — Along with my watch obsession comes a clock one, too. I just love the carved digits and the wooden clock hands. This wood-n’t look so bad on my wall! (You knew that joke was coming.)

HARVEY — In my household, the dog bowls are displayed out in the open living space as an additional design feature. So it’s important that they match my personal aesthetic. These sleek and natural bowls would fit perfectly.


Love love the wooden watch. I think I’d wear it with a leaf print dress, bamboo conical asian hat, and fur mukluks (but not a real fur mukluk, that’s cruel).

Lauren Ashley

our pet bowls are out the open as well – I’m always on the search for some well designed options and these are super cool.

Melissa Kojima

Well, a watch is a great accessory like all your other ones; jewelry and purses! So no worries about the watch obsession. This wood one is amazing. Great finds, Stephanie! I know what you mean about wood connecting you to nature and make a room warmer, more special!


God, I really love this new column! Great picks this week! I may have to DIY some wooden dog bowl holders of my own.


I’ve received more compliments on my Wewood watch (exactly like the one pictured above) since purchasing it in Waikiki last September, than ANY other item I’ve ever owned! I love mine, and I was drawn to the designer’s story when I came across it in a wood shop outside Duke’s. I had been watch-shopping for years before finding this (seemingly custom-made-for-me) watch, having asked myself “can I rock that rose gold MK watch or not?” on several occasions…glad I held off…best purchase I’ve ever made. :)