Human/House/Harvey: Stripes

human house harvey, stripesOut of all the patterns one could fill their life with, stripes would take over mine. I love the classic look and feel of striped fashion, decor and, yes, even dog accessories. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite options for me, my home and my Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — I never lost my love for the backpack. I think this striped one would be the perfect addition to my upcoming travels or a great option for the farmers’ market.

HOUSE — This duvet may be simple, but with the right accent pillows and one of these beautiful throws, I think this simple stripe could turn into something special. (I truly love a good pattern-on-pattern look.)

HARVEY — I think a dog collar is just like a coat in the human realm: You should mix it up with each season. This nautical striped collar is absolutely perfect for summer!


I love that backpack! Perfect for hiking or picnics too! Penelope’s has really cool clothing too! Never knew about them til now! Thanks!


I’ll have one of each please! Oh wait I don’t have a dog. Ok just the first 2 then!