Human/House/Harvey: Florals

After three incredible years of working with the Design*Sponge team on City GuidesBiz Ladies posts and various other projects, I am thrilled to contribute a new column to the D*S lineup: Human/House/Harvey! Grace has always been an animal lover and advocate (right on!), so when she asked me to create a pet-related column based on a series I do on my personal blog,, I couldn’t pass up the offer!

This new column will feature items I love for myself, love for my home and love for my best little buddy, Mr. Harvey. (Yes, he has more Facebook friends than me. I don’t want to talk about it.) Each week I will present a new theme and find favorites in each category. I have always thought that just because you share your home with a furry animal friend doesn’t mean you should give up your personal design aesthetic. There are so many incredibly designed pet products available, so why not embrace the stylish pet revolution and live in design harmony with your pets! — Stephanie

HUMAN — This Elizabeth and James floral blazer is just what my summertime wardrobe needs: a flash of color with a bit of charm.

HOUSE — I am obsessed with all that Rifle Paper Co. produces on paper, so why not scoop up their incredible work in fabric, too!

HARVEY — What dog could resist sleeping on a bed of flowers? This bed would be the perfect addition to my office.


Brilliant idea for a column! I can’t wait to follow along.
You’re right, the past few years have brought so many amazing pet products. No longer are we pet-parents limited to cutesy, cartoony designs for our pups’ products. Although I’m sure my dogs don’t know the difference, mama appreciates the options!

Lauren Ashley

I love this idea (and that chair)! It can sometimes be challenging to find stylish options for the furry family members, especially if you try to be conscience of the design of items you bring into your home. I’m excited to see what else you come up with! xo

Red Prairie Press

Oh WOW! Thank you for posting the Rifle Paper Co. Fabrics – I had no idea they did more than paper designs. We adore them in this office!!!!!


Fun idea for a column! I love the blazer and didn’t know Rifle was doing fabrics. Adorable dog bed too.