haand ceramics + other great things

These beautiful ceramic pieces above are from Haand, a fantastic ceramic design studio in North Carolina. Haand is about to launch a new collection with Craft & Culture (an e-commerce site that specializes in artisan-quality goods), but I wanted to share these existing pieces before the new work is out. I particularly love the swirly blue styles above — they are so simple but so beautiful and would work as stand-alone bowls on a table or as something more everyday and functional (they’re all dishwasher safe). And those little ice cream bowls designed to fit in your hand? Adorable. Click here to check out the full collection. xo, grace

*PS: Speaking of things that are simple but perfect, the decision to hire my first full-time employee was the easiest and best one I ever made. Today is Amy Azzarito’s D*S anniversary, and I couldn’t be happier to have her on the team. She’s the best co-worker and friend anyone could ask for. Thanks for being the best, Amy. xoxox, Grace


Congratulations, Amy! I hope this anniversary is but the first. Good luck for the future at D*S!