genius paint pen

Two apartments ago, I had a major breakdown when it came to paint. At one point, I’d tried at least 12 different colors on the walls, and I couldn’t remember which can was which when I needed to do a touch up. It was a nightmare, and I felt like a prisoner in some weird paint hell. This handy paint pen would have solved my problems pretty quickly. The Slobproof Paint Pen lets you load up the pen and save it for years in case you need little touch ups here and there. It’s a heck of a lot easier than storing bulky cans just for tiny touch ups. If you’re in the market for something that will help with those little dings, click here to pick up a set of two paint pens for $19.99. Goodbye, mostly empty cans. xo, grace


This is actually brilliant. Too bad it’s not available outside USA.


This is a great idea! However, a bit pricey. Any small container can be used to store a little bit of extra paint. My mom has always used glass jelly (pickle, olive, etc.) jars to save 1/2 a cup of paint after a room is finished. Takes up a lot less space than a gallon can and is easy to open and close.


Heehee, we have a two year old with a penchant for taking a pencil WHEREVER he goes. A little pen like that wouldn’t cut it at our house! Thankfully we used the same wall color throughout the house. I keep a small pot of that color in the pantry, along with a little foam roller, and just recently touched up at least seven(!) of the rooms where the two year old had left his mark. (I’m still finding some that I missed!).


I love this! What a great way to do samples for clients!


Great idea though pricey. Years ago a good friend’s mom taught me to buy a shoe polish dabber container for the same purpose and it only costs a few dollars. Unscrew the top/dabber, dispose of the white shoe polish, and then fill the container with your paint. Make sure the sponge stays clean. When you need it, you have paint and applicator all in one. Always paint a dab on the back of a light switch plate too. Easy to remove and take to the paint store for a perfect match.

Debbie Wiener

Hi There!

It’s Debbie, the woman who created the paint pen and it IS available outside the US. We are shipping them all over the world and you can buy them online at Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I too used to keep paint in a jar, but found it dried out in about a year. My paint pen keeps paint vacuum sealed for years….surpassing the old baby food jar!


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