florentine kitchen knives

Oh well hello, dream knives. It may seem weird that a knife could be the object of one’s dreams, but if I’m going to dream about kitchen utensils, they’re sure as heck going to be striped. These beautiful Florentine Kitchen Knives are the work of Tomer Botner, an industrial designer from south Tel Aviv, Israel. As a final project at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tomer created these knives, which are the result of a collaboration between Tomer and 17 different craftsmen, professionals and suppliers. Named after the Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Tomer’s knives are actually comprised of stacked discs. As someone with small hands, I like having the ability to adjust items like this. So often standard kitchen knives come heavily weighted, and that can feel awkward if you have hands that are on the petite side. So I think Tomer is on to something great here.

Like most student work, these aren’t for sale yet, but Tomer is hoping to get the project out there so that anyone interested in funding this series can help with the production. Until they’re available (I’ll update the post as soon as they are), you can check out the production process on Tomer’s blog right here. And if you’d like to contact Tomer about production or funding help, click here to email. I sure hope these make it to the market — they’re gorgeous. xo, grace


I don’t know if I would really spend time weighting my kitchen knife this way, but it’s inevitable that the design is original, and definitely fashionable with the multimaterial striped disc. Goodluck!


At leat one of those many consultants used by this designer should have been a chef.

No professional would acquire a knife like this due to it’s ground edge and unstable tang.

Form over funstion


I’d be worried about bits of food and liquids getting between the disks of the handle. Beautiful knives, though


What a great idea! I love when something looks great, then I realize it functions exceptionally well too! Haha!


They are wonderful knives. I think everyone should have some knives like these in your kitchen. I love it :)