drew tyndell

I think in another life I must have been a woodworker, because I find myself constantly drawn to furniture and artwork that highlights wood as much as possible. These beautiful pieces were created by Drew Tyndell, an artist working in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up with an architect father, Drew learned about the process of building homes at an early age. He takes inspiration from that process to create these pieces, which recall beautiful beach and cabin homes. I love the way he’s used color so well in these, but you can check out the entire series here to find your favorite combinations. One of thee would be such a great housewarming gift for someone who built a new home. Thanks to Drew for sending his work over! xo, grace

More images of Drew’s work after the jump…


Cool, but really expensive! Would be a nice DIY project…


Oops, actually, they’re larger than I thought they were… :)


These are beautiful! I love wood, too, and there’s something so relaxing about the color schemes. I can’t even pick a favorite, they are all gorgeous.

Erika Huddleston

wonderful wonderful wonderful Monday morning colors. One of these would look sensational centered over a console. Or three hung in a line on a hallway wall would look gorgeous. Very decorative pieces.

Sarah M.

These pieces are truly amazing & worth saving up for. BUT Who spends $300+ on a housewarming gift? Maybe you float in higher social circles than me……


This ‘wood’ wall art is really cool and makes a unique custom statement. Glad to know you like quality woodworking! What a wonderful thought to actually believe you were a woodworker in a previous life :-).


Grace Bonney


I don’t spend that much personally, but our readership includes a wide range of budgets- and I try to not exclude any end of the spectrum.



I’m excited to see his work, I’m obsessed with his wife’s blog, Liebemarlene and I was curious about what kind of art he made. It’s very interesting. The colors remind me of a graphic I saw on Tumblr that was a color break down of Wes Anderson movies.


These works are amazing, I love the geometric designs and the medium of wood Tyndell has used.


Can’t seem to find his prices anywhere, even on his website. But at $300 as suggested on past post , i think it is quite reasonable. Considering the workmanship, material, time and originality, it’s great value!!! It’s something i would save and purchase. Thank you Design Sponge.


We don’t own much wall art as we will only buy pieces that both mean something to us as well as fit our aesthetic (and we differ slightly). We wait and look around. So to see this is a bit of a boom to me as it reminds me of old barns, sea cabins that we both love (and fantasy restore..) hubs loves to woodwork, appreciates craftmanship and I love the bold graphics and color palettes. It shouts homey house art as much as gallery :-) This is one of those works where ‘I want’ I may not get of course! like :-)