demijohn lamp

Aside from vintage wooden boxes and fabric, my biggest thrifting weakness is an antique demijohn. I own two that hold branches in my home, but I’m always looking for the perfect green shade to add to my collection. Terrain is carrying some beautiful demijohn pendants that would look gorgeous in just about any home. Hung on a braided cord, each bottle comes from Hungary and is hardwired for (professional) installation. I’d love to use a grouping of these down a hallway, but even one would be perfect. Click here to check them out in more detail and shop online. xo, grace

Heidi Beckwith

If you want to make one, buy a lamp making kit (like this one: and have the bottom cut off by local glass blowers or ceramic makers. They have diamond bladed saws that cool with water that can cut through glass. (My sister has done something similar and it worked out beautifully.) Oh, and the cut was free, so the whole thing cost less than 20 dollars (plus the cost of the demijohn.)


I have fairy lights in mine and leave it on the floor. Looks pretty at night for sure. Always get compliments