boulder cup set

This weekend I was walking around the MoMA design store and had to stop myself from collecting more teacups and oddly sized soup bowls. For some reason, if a vessel is small, ceramic and fits in my hand, I immediately want it. A great example is these gorgeous faceted cups at Leif. Each set of four cups is dishwasher and microwave safe and is made in Japan. I love the glaze options — they’re fancy enough for a nice meal but simple enough for everyday use. And naturally, I want to stack a few of them on my dresser to hold jewelry. Click here and here to check them out and order online ($34–$38 per set). xo, grace


These are gorgeous, in both the matte finish and the glossy one.

Melissa Kojima

Oooh, great find, Grace. Yeah, they would look great on a dresser with some jewelry in them. They sort of already look like cut jewels.