Bloodroot Blades

by Kate Pruitt

Ever since Grace’s talk with Megan Auman a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to be more mindful about my relationship with objects — not just the ones I physically own, but also the ones I consume visually. Objects that combine superior form (beauty), function (durability, design, ease of use) and story (where, how, and why they are made) are real gems in our world of stuff and deserve celebrating, which is why I’m excited to share these beautiful handmade knives from Bloodroot Blades.

Bloodroot Blades is run by two artisans: Luke came to blade making quite early, and Dave is a passionate cook and gardener who asked Luke to teach him the trade after purchasing the knives as gifts for his groomsmen. The duo uses recycled and found steels, turning what would be waste into these beautiful, durable designs. According to their site, customers may also provide personal elements to incorporate into the design: antlers, wood, old files, granddad’s jeans, etc.

It’s a wonderful idea to turn one of our most indispensable daily tools into something sentimental and personal, not to mention economically practical — all BB knives come with a lifetime guarantee for defects in material or workmanship, and they will sharpen any of their knives free of charge if you drop them off and pick them up. Can you ask for a better story than that? Click here to see the full collection of knives and read all about the process and history of Bloodroot Blades. — Kate

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