cooler baskets from peterboro

I was at a summer birthday party recently when I spotted this fantastic basket cooler hiding in the corner. Now I love the look of a galvanized cooler as much as the next girl, but man, those things sweat; it ends up a big wet mess. This seemed like the perfect solution — a wicker basket with an insulated insert. It’s made by the Peterboro Basket Company, which has been making baskets in Peterborough, New Hampshire, for more than 150 years. They literally have baskets for every room in the house. These cooler baskets are just genius. There’s even a version that can function as a seat. (The tall cooler is here, and the seat cooler is here.) — Amy Azzarito


Great. Now my Pinterest boards are covered in baskets. This is a fantastic and elegant idea for a cooler and the company has some really beautiful wares! Thanks for introducing me to them!


aha this is brilliant, definitely getting one of these for when the weather heats up over here!

Matte Stephens

We live in Peterborough and walk by the basket company on our daily walk. Its so great you posted about them! They have a showroom in their factory we still need to go in.

Matte Stephens

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I have a Peterboro insulated picnic basket and I love it. Have had it for about 10 years and it is still in great shape. I always get compliments whenever I take it to outings. Great for keeping stuff hot or cold.