10 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

photo editing apps

I’ve got an unhealthy addiction to photo editing apps. I just want to edit and create all day. But I’m not talking about color correction or playing with filters; I want to get creative with my photos and turn them into something different, shareable and artistic. I want to scrapbook, collage and frame photos right from my phone . . . and now I can.

While there are a TON of apps to choose from, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tools for creating unique images and layouts with your photos on this week’s My Life ScoopClick here to read the full post, and be sure to share your edited images with us! — Stephanie


Jakob Bank

There are actually quite a few good ones there I hadn’t heard of before.

Gotta love nerds like you who know everything about a certain niche ;)


What app does everyone use for fisheye? I’ve looked at a couple but each has major drawbacks I can’t get past (always puts a frame on a photo, distortion looks off, etc).