Yeats Design

Sometimes the best way to make use of a material is to hardly touch it at all. I often find myself struggling with a design, asking myself, “How can I manipulate this,” or “What can I add to that?” I wish in those moments that I could have a pre-recorded message from myself that automatically starts playing, ” Kate, what can you strip away?”

Since I hate hearing my voice on tape, maybe I’ll just keep a print image of one of these furniture pieces by Yeats Design handy; their message of simplicity reads loud and clear. On a trip to Orcas Island, artist and furniture maker Laura Yeats had an epiphany that she wanted to switch her focus from working with lumber to using whole and partial sections of fallen trees. These are some of the new works that resulted from that discovery.

I just love how raw these pieces are, yet with the subtle mark of an artist’s hand. The human imprint on these designs feels in balance, not in conflict, with the wood’s intrinsic visual and tactile qualities. Some of the furniture pieces are cost prohibitive, to be sure, but I think having any of these in your home would be a constant reminder of nature’s exquisite beauty in the hands of a respectful, thoughtful artist. — Kate


These are some seriously stunning pieces! I’d take any and all of them and love them until the end of time.


These are beautiful. I love wooden furniture that keeps the soul of the tree in the piece.

Kevin Howard

You have outdone yourself again! Such great pieces