worley’s lighting

When summer rolls around all I want to do is hide in a cabin somewhere in the Catskills. Fresh air, the sound of streams and trees as far as the eye can see are all I need. Rental cabin decor tends to run the gamut from super kitschy (chainsaw-carved bears) to super moden, but I’ve been excited to see pieces like this popping up in homes lately. I rented a cabin over Memorial Day weekend and the house was full of great pieces that combined rustic with industrial styles pretty seamlessly. These lights from Worley’s Lighting on Etsy reminded me of that look immediately. Shelli Worley uses branches, logs and salvaged wood to great minimal lighting designs that would look at home in a city apartment or a country getaway. I love the pieces above and below, but you can click here to check out and shop the full collection online. xo, grace


You look so familiar. Do you ever go to Daly’s Coffee Bar in Windham in the Catskills?

sandra lund

These are really cool looking, I love wood and I miss the old look of lightbulbs. In Denmark the old lightbulbs are now illegal and we can only buy environmentally friendly ones. Very good for the earth though :-)