wondering around wandering

I promise this isn’t an excuse to post the hot pink poster below. I am so excited that artist Mike Perry (who was part of Design by the Book four years ago) is launching a new project via Kickstarter called Wondering Around Wandering. It’s a three-month FREE community exhibition and event space where Mike will teach workshops and host screenings, discussions and more. The space will welcome artists and art appreciators alike and, because of the time span, would be a great way for visiting artists and design enthusiasts to learn and experience on a more intimate level. I am thrilled about this and will definitely be backing it myself. If you have a moment to check it out, it’s definitely worth the time. Best of luck, Mike! When this is fully funded, I will be signing up for the zine class. xo, grace


Maaaan. I wish I lived closer. London is a LONG way from Brooklyn.
Good luck Mike!


Hey Grace, I’d love to help fund! What’s the link to the kickstarter??

Amy Azzarito

Is – Eeeeeek! Thank you. Just fixed it!


That black and pink one’s a little too phallic for me!