wicker furniture from the family love tree

by Amy Azzarito

Growing up, each of my two sisters and I had our own style for our bedrooms: mine was a dusty pink with a floral border and a white iron daybed (with trundle!), my baby sister’s was a brighter pink with a white spindle bed and my middle sister had a pale purple room with a white wicker headboard and matching wicker desk and chair. Every time I see wicker furniture, I’m transported back to those rooms. But this furniture from Australian company The Family Love Tree has a decidedly modern take. Designer/stylist Katie Graham’s furniture is inspired by both her tropical second honeymoon in Bali and her ’70s childhood surrounded by handcrafted screens, macramé hangers and funky rattan furniture. She pairs her furniture with bright fabrics — vintage saris from India and modern botanicals work hand-in-hand. The result is happy, sunny and fun. See it all here. — Amy Azzarito

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  • SO BEAUTIFUL! Your blog makes me want to be successful when I grow up so I can have all these things. I am in love with that chair <3

  • I once did a story on wicker furniture…and there was a Chicago company back in the Victorian era that churned out the most amazing stuff. I wish it still existed! In any event I love wicker…even if it does fall apart easily. I have two wicker folder screens (not old), they’re great, even though they too are falling apart. A good headboard is hard to beat though since it’s not the entire bed (thank goodness). It adds just the right touch and can take the wear and tear of children bouncing up and down on a mattress.

  • I desperately wanted wicker furniture as a child, but my mom, having grown up in Southeast Asia, said that wicker was for poor people, and she could now afford better (never mind that she also balked at the cost of Pier 1’s wicker bedroom set) and her children would never have wicker furniture like she had to have. Guess it’s all about perspective. I can’t think of it as anything but cheap now, even when it’s well styled.

  • I am not usually a fan of wicker, but I love this. I live in the south where every porch has a white wicker set. I would love to own that turquoise chair.

  • These are absolutely gorgeous everythings! WOW WOW WOW. I know where to get my bed quilts!

  • Man, I hope wicker becomes popular again. Every time I sit in a wicker chair I feel one step closer to living inside Designing Women.

    a girl can dream….

  • Beautifully styled indeed! And the turquoise chair is like something that’s come from
    a little girl’s dream. Can’t help but think that in the modern-minimalist homes of my cold homeland wicker would seem totally out of place…

  • What a dreamy way to decorate a bedroom! I love the patterns of this wicker, and especially when combined with those gorgeous textiles. So great.

  • I LOVE that wicker chair in that bright blue hue! It really makes it pop out! I just want to jump and sit on it, haha.

  • anyone know how peeps in the US can get this? Seems they only ship domestically? New to wicker…and US so if anyone knows any alternatives :-)

  • Hi Rinna – I checked in with Katie who says that they do ship to the US, but it can get a little pricey. The best way to find out exactly what it would be is to contact them with your address and they’ll send you a quote. Thanks! Amy

  • I love the headboard and quilts. When I try to go to their website it will not come up and I cannot find another address. Do you know if they are still in business or a new web address? Thanks so much!

  • Do you ship to the U.S.? Also can you paint over the natural wicker peacock chair? Thank you.