weekly wrap up + embroidered book covers

I’m wrapping things up early this week because, to be honest, this week has sort of kicked my butt. There’s been all sorts of stress and drama, a towed car and my laptop died yesterday so I’m going to spend the weekend reloading and starting over from scratch on a lot of projects (hopefully my old data can be saved). With that in mind, here’s a virtual high-five to everyone for making it through a long week and I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans in store. Before I head out I wanted to share these beautiful embroidered book covers from Jessica Reed. Jessica embroiders directly onto the covers of vintage paperback books and sells them at her Etsy Shop, By Reed. I think these would be a sweet gift for someone who has a favorite book they’d like to commemorate. Click here to check out Jessica’s shop online and here to check out her work page.

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Wow, those are nice. I saw the tweet about this and was not expecting what I see, which is nice too.


What an amazing idea! And a lovely way to preserve vintage paperbacks as art. I really like Jessica’s varied interpretations of images, with different stitchwork to match the vibe.


Sorry you’ve had a lousy week. Be good to yourself this weekend.