velvet bedding from castle

We may be turning up the AC and stowing away the blankets in this hemisphere, but in Australia, they’re getting ready for cooler temperatures. I’ve been lusting after bedding from Australian design company Castle since their founding in 2008. (What can I say? The polka dots speak to me.) But this velvet seems particularly snuggly. The duvet covers come in solid colorways or split color blocks. I particularly love the round pillows, which are available in an array of colors. I’m bookmarking this for September. (You can see all the bedding colors here and the pillows here.) — Amy Azzarito



Yes! and I live in Australia!! and I love velvet kind of shameful but yes I really do love it!! :)


I saw the title and thought of commenting, “Velvet is the worst! Velvet sux” – but that really does look snuggly and I kind of want to jump in that bed.

Arcadian Home

These velvety comforters look extra cozy. Velvet seems a little warm for the summertime, but I can totally snuggle with this in the winter!



“I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” – George Costanza

-and yes I would have to agree!


When I was in high school my mom told me I could redecorate my bedroom. I looked high and low for a luxurious green velvet duvet with silver embellishments (purely imagined) and never found one. Still no green, but pretty!