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sneak peek: pete & bailey mccarthy

by Amy Azzarito

Just seven short months ago, Pete and Bailey McCarthy moved into this home in Austin, Texas. Bailey is a professional interior designer (and blogger), and she spent five months renovating the home while the couple moved from Chicago back to their native Texas. She was already pregnant with Gracie, and the house gave her something to focus on during the difficult months of pregnancy — and it was definitely a big project. The house has four bedrooms but 5.5 bathrooms — a bit surprising for an old house, but every room has its own bathroom and the master has two. So if you need some bathroom inspiration, this is the peek for you! Thank you Pete, Bailey & Gracie! And a big thanks to Paige Newton for the lovely photographs! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: The sailboat bathroom with wallpaper by Katie Ridder. We used this wallpaper for our guest bath in Chicago and had enough left over to do this one, too, which is great because I LOVE it and we didn’t get to enjoy it for long enough.

Image above: The table is vintage and extends to be huge, and I love to host dinner parties. We had the same chairs from Ballard at our house in Chicago; we just painted and reupholstered for a totally different feel here.

See more of Pete & Bailey’s Austin home after the jump . . .

Image above: That chandelier is murderously awesome. Between the windows hangs a Donald Roller Wilson painting of a smoking cat titled “Smoking Pussy.” It was given to my mom, and she was always too proper to hang it, so he came to live with me since I do not suffer from such good manners!

Image above: Most of this furniture was bought for and used in our previous home in Chicago, and I love seeing how it has transitioned to a totally different feel based only on wall color and accessories. The walls here are Colonial Rose by Fine Paints of Europe. The painting is another Donald Roller Wilson and it is on long-term loan from from godfather as a wedding present. My mother got the trunk as part of a lot at an estate sale, but she actually knew the family whose name was painted on the trunk and was afraid that they would come over and see it and think she was a creep, so it stayed in our attic forever until I came and snatched it up.

Image above: The chandelier is from gardenhouse.net and was in our old house in Chicago. I love it and plan for it to come along to the next house with us!

Image above: My version of baby friendly. Everything is padded, and the disco ball is like a giant mobile.

Image above: My favorite wallpaper, Osborne & Little; it is flocked, and Gracie loves it, like Pat the Bunny.

Image above: I have had these vintage chairs since college; this is probably their fourth upholstery job, this one done professionally. Buy good things and keep them forever!

Image above: Probably my favorite spot in the house. I can do my thing in the kitchen and watch Gracie in the playroom.

Image above: This room is made up of pieces I started collecting in college. The curtains were in the living room in my first home, and the vintage light fixture was a gift from my mom for my 21st birthday and is one of my most favorite things.

Image above: I have been dreaming of using this wallpaper forever. Chartreuse flocking, what more could you want?

Image above: I came up with the design of this room when I was pregnant and convinced we were having a boy. The ceilings are wallpapered in Ralph Lauren constellation wallpaper that glows in the dark. So magical. The bedding was my husband’s in his bachelor pad, and the window treatments are made from Anthropologie curtains. The sailboat bathroom is attached to this bedroom; it’s our “If you build it, he will come” little boy room.

Image above: This is a little corner of my bathroom. There is a flush-mount shower in the ceiling, and it is oh so cozy in here.

Image above: My girl! In her precious room! This room was such kismet, just like our Gracie. I had been obsessed with this Paule Marrot tulip fabric forever, and when we found out we were having a girl, I had to have it. Unfortunately, it had been discontinued, so I found a craftsman to recreate it for me. One day I was shopping at my favorite store in Houston, Kuhl-Linscomb, and saw the giant daffodils, which are also on the fabric, and had to have them. I love everything about this room, especially that little bubble in the crib.

Image above: More of the Paule Marrot fabric. The daybed was looking a little lonely, so I asked one of my design idols, Jamie Meares of Furbish, if she had anything that might keep it company, and she suggested these red towers. They could not be more perfect and are filled with precious gifts from our friends and my favorite childhood toys.

Image above: Gracie’s bathroom. The Audrey painting is by Ashley Longshore, a New Orleans artist who is kind of famey now, but while at Tulane, Pete got this for me.

Image above: One of my favorite objects in the master bedroom is the vanity. It was originally my great-grandmother’s. I love that the entire room feels a little ’50s.

Image above: Pete’s bathroom. Pete saw a picture of a similar shower I had posted on my blog one day and thought it was the coolest thing ever. He lets me paint lots of junk pink, so this is the least I could do for him.

Image above: Our firstborn Bella HATES her doppelganger statue. I think she is afraid it is going to animate and steal her thunder.

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  • I adore Bailey’s blog and can’t get over how incredibly beautiful, whimsical, and personal this home is. She’s done an outstanding job of creating a place that feels like home but looks like a dream. So glad you featured this gorgeous place!

  • everything is beautiful, but I am really obsessing over that yellow zig zag rug in the nursery… would love to know where it is from!

  • Absolutely LOVE this home, especially the use of color and all the whimsical and creative touches. Wish she could come to Miami and do mine!

  • I didn’t expect any less from Bailey (I mean, have you SEEN her Chicago home?!) and still, this amazed me. She’s so talented. And actually, the “boy bedroom” is my favorite part.

  • Such a beautiful home! Bailey is quite a talent, so happy she could be featured here!

  • This house is so wonderful! It looks like a set from a Wes Anderson film. I especially love the wallpapered bathrooms.

  • The use of color is a riot! I love all the wallpapered bathrooms and the paned shower. Thanks for letting us peek in.

  • Among all the great things in this Sneak Peak, the one thing that stood out the most to me is that Bailey’s mom bought her a vintage light fixture for her 21st birthday. Pretty awesome mom (and mother-daughter relationship).

  • This is such a well-imagined home! Bailey has a rare ability to marry pure whim with chic sophistication– a feat that few people can truly pull off. It’s too bad that the McCarthy’s only got to enjoy their fabulous Austin home for seven months, but I look forward to seeing what their next home will look like!

  • yay!! i am so thrilled to see bailey’s home here. all of the color and pattern are just perfect and **so** bailey. i love it. and, more importantly, it swells my chest with joy to see that healthy, chubby gracie in her crib. bravo, bailey & pete!! job well done on all fronts. xo

  • This is beautiful! My favorite colors of all time! I have a pale blue and pink Karastan rug that I am going to have to bring out again after seeing these rooms! Could you tell me the wallcolor in the diningroom? Such a wonderful whisper of color…..

  • This is my favorite post ever! I love love love the different colors and crazy but classy bathrooms!

  • awesome!!! Love it! I think that the way you curtain and valance bathtubs/showers is your signature move!!

  • Bailey, when you move, can I have ALL of your stuff? (when I ask my friends that question, it starts “when you die…” but this is my first time here and that seems creepy to say to someone new. And I am much older than you so my chances of getting your stuff like that are not very good.) Seriously, I love your house. It looks exactly like the one in my dreams

  • Most amazing sneak peek yet. Every room had me floored.
    Bailey, you might have cured me from my scandi-design obsession!

  • Welp, you’re weren’t wrong about bathroom inspiration!! And all inspiration for that matter!! Amazing home and I am sure I will become a convert to her blog based off this sneak peek. Thanks for sharing!!

  • love this place, so quirky and fun…the wallpapers are a little over the top for me, so I couldn’t live there, but I adore all the personality

  • this has got to be one of the best posts ever. it has the polish of a professional, but the lived-in feel we all crave. perfection!!

  • So beautiful! In my next life I hope to come back as an heiress like Bailey so I can have an unlimited house and design budget too! Swoon!

  • Is there any way you can divulge the source for the pink chandelier? It is so lovely.

  • could you tell me if the paned shower was purchased or custom? exactly what I’ve been looking for, I just didn’t know.

  • I must have the source for the vanity in the sailboat bathroom! It is the answer to my design prayers.

  • This home is amazing. I think maybe my favorite sneak peek ever. The constellation wallpaper on the cieling! That tulip fabric! The giant daffodils! That SHOWER. Wow, so whimsical and yet liveable. Really wonderful.

  • I think this is the best sneak peak you’ve ever posted! So much fun! She totally just let loose, and you don’t see that much on here anymore. I love every inch of her space! The colors, the quirky furniture, it’s just perfect! This totally makes up for the ‘Sneak Peak withdraw’ I was going through after last week;)

  • Way to go, Bailey (and Pete… thanks for letting Bailey paint your house PINK!!!) So proud of you. So happy for you. So jealous of you! My favorite part… I don’t even know. But I am LOVING your dining room. And now I am thinking “Imma need a new minty green dining room!” I say we all join hands together and bring back balloon curtains! I love them. I do! Enjoy this. I expect many more great things to come from you. PS… the best “accessories” in your house happen to be your adorable Gracie and Bella. The picture of Bella looking all suspect of that doggie imposter is priceless! You should def. print out a copy and stick it in her dog kennel!

  • some serious props are in order for such a huge project over a small period of time and while pregnant! Nice Job!
    some things are a miss for me (but i’m sure are perfect for your family), but i love the whimsical character of many of the rooms (large stuffed animals, giant daffodils, glow in the dark wallpaper), also the dog wallpaper, and pete’s shower – drool! just needs some green foliage and it’s heaven.

  • Cool house! I’m fascinated by the bathroom ratio, and that playroom is ace. But the idea that starry skies are for boys makes me sad. :(

  • I have no words to describe how blown away I am! So jealous I don’t live there…bailey is a genius with color! Love every room!

  • Ditto Jessica. I also love Pete’s bathroom. Where can I find those shower doors?

  • This has to be the most amazing house ever… i can’t stop looking at all the pictures. It’s my style exactly, except better! When can she come do my house?!

  • What a fabulous job Bailey! You have made a house a warm, cozy home. I am totally in love with Pete’s bathroom, can I tell you how I adore that shower?

  • i am in love with house and want to hire bailey to decorate my house. what great style! paige did an awesome job!

  • Such a fabulous home! LOVE its fresh and happy colours, and how they are combined with classic forms to create a very welcoming, comfortable, eclectic space; I’d be in 7th heaven everyday if I lived there! How good is that green couch against that deep peach and that fabulous painting!?

  • I think this is my favorite sneak peek ever. Its a home you just wish you could always come home to! I feel totally refreshed & ready to tackle our next home project. Thank you so much!!!

  • Such lovely colours! Could you tell me where you found the pale turquoise tiles in the boy’s bathroom?

  • I don’t think Ive ever enjoyed a house tour so much — the colors, the wallpaper, the chandeliers! It’s all just too wonderful. I went Pin crazy on this one.
    Thanks for sharing yet another awesome home.

  • Holy Sh*T, blown away by everyone’s reaction, thank you all so much! I will attempt to answer some of the questions I saw come up:
    Maggie- I am working on the source for the pink chandelier, it will be on my blog by the end of the day!
    Galbraith- Pete’s shower was custom, glass set in anodized aluminum.
    Jessica- The vanity in the sailboat bathroom is from waterworks
    Lucy- So are the blue tiles in that bathroom

    I hope that helps, and to all of you who said you wanted to hire me, I primarily do edecorating, so it doesn’t matter if you are in Austin or not! Just email me for rates and availability.

    And sincerely, thank you all for your kind words, you have no idea how much they mean to me!

  • This house is AMAZING, cozy, comfortable, uber stylish, and still has a feeling that it will last a very long time. Amazing courage and carefree attitude with lots of family love and respect. Can’t say enough how beautiful it is.

  • Wow! I’m in love with this house! It’s so fun and pretty and just awesome. Swoon!

  • this is one of the most beautiful sneak peeks! I love it! I love the use of color and of wallpaper and the beautiful lighting!

  • I love the use of color here and the sense of whimsy in the decorating. The rooms in this house look HUGE to me. Like Texas? Beautiful work & thanks for sharing.

  • This sneak peek is quite possibly the best I’ve seen on D*S. The color! The whimsy! It just oozes happiness. Wow.

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! She did an incredible job! I love how daring she is. If i remember correctly i saw photos of her house when they just got it – what a transformation!! I would love to see the before photos.


  • The Best! I am a Sneak Peak junkie and this is what I have been waiting for. Great job.

  • Hey Bailey- your place is beautiful! Can you tell me where the light fixtures in your kitchen are from? Thanks!

  • I keep going back to look at all the rooms again. It is such fun! The whole place reminds me of a set from a Wes Anderson movie, who, as I understand, is from Austin. It’s Bohemian Hollywood-Texas Preppy! I love it!!

  • Thank you for finally posting a house with color in it! Especially on the walls. I love the all white and minimalist homes, but they just wouldn’t work for me.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Everything about this space! Absolutely gorgeous, festive, livable, inspirational and HAPPY!

  • This house fills me with joy! I would love to live here or have her decorate my home!

  • Incredible! Excellent use of colors, patterns. I’m glad you really decided to do something truly unique.

  • Holy amazingballs!! Please forgive me in advance for the number of questions (and get to them whenever you have the time, no big deal). 1) Where is the green velvet couch from? 2) Where is that disco ball from? 3) What is that giant colorful thing on the black and white dresser in somebody’s bedroom? 4) Where is the chartreuse wallpaper from? 5) What kind of dog is that?
    Sorry again. You are amazing.

  • I pretty much visit D*S every Monday for my fill of sneak peeks. They are my favorite part about this blog. That being said, THIS sneak peak has been my favorite. I am making a note to hire Bailey as my designer when I have the finances to do so. Every room is unique yet cohesive with the rest of the house, and the COLORS! Such a gorgeous array. “Whimsical” truly is the perfect word for it.

  • wow! i love Bailey’s first houe, this one is just as amazing (glow-in-the-dark wallpaper!?). good work and congrats Bailey on doing all this plus cooking up that cute little girl

  • Hands down, this is my favorite home tour on Design Sponge ever! The fact that a sweet Cocker Spaniel lives in this home is the icing on a cake of awesome, as far as I’m concerned. (I have a sweet rescue Cocker myself and have had Cockers my entire life.) I love EVERYTHING about this home. Never have I pinned more looks from one tour in my life. I’m not kidding!

  • Bailey, You rock! Amazing home… Could you please tell me everything you know about those retro kitchen barstools? I love, love, love them and I now want to change my whole house around them.

  • Love the light blue/ aqua walls with the pops of pink and orange in the pillows! Can you tell me what paint color you used on the walls in that light blue/ aqua room? Thanks! Love your style!

  • Please please tell me if those shower doors are metal; either steel or bronze?
    I have been searching everywhere and I think the only sensible thing to do is to buy a fabricated shower door as restoring industrial factory windows sound a bit dicey and probably too rusty.
    Love your imagination!

  • I am looking for shower doors with a similar look to Pete’s bathroom. I live in a small town in NC and so far none of the glass companies here or in the surrounding larger cities can help. Can you direct me to the company that made these (even if in another state). I would appreciate any help, as my bathroom is complete and waiting on the shower doors.

  • beautiful home! i can’t decide which room is my favorite! like carrie, above, i’d love to find out who fabricated the shower enclosure. i’m working on a bathroom remodel right now too and no one i speak with seems to know how to accomplish this look. are you able to share your source? thx!

  • I love the tile used in Petes bathroom floor. Can I get information on where you ordered?

  • Your house is amazing! I love the giant disco ball in your family room. I was wondering where you found it. Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!

  • How were you able to have the Paule Marrot fabric te created and do you have any to sell? I need this fabric!!

    • I love the shower doors . I was wondering where you got them or if they are custom? Please let me know asap, I am redoing my bathroom in May, and have convinced my husband that we should have them.

  • do you respond privately to the questions? I don’t see any answers, I was wondering about the shower also.

  • I renovating a bathroom and your shower is exactly what I am looking for. Where die you get the shower enclosure/ldoors?


  • I would love to have the same shower tile you have in the blue and orange bathroom. Please let me know where to buy it. Thank you!