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sneak peek best of: canadian homes

by Stephanie

I am so excited to head to Toronto this week (my first time!) and participate in the Explore Canada Like a Local blogger campaign. I will be touring the city, seeing, shopping and dining at some of the best locations Toronto has to offer. (You can follow my journey right here.) We’ve featured so many incredible Canadian homes over the years that I thought I would gather and showcase some of my favorites from our sneak peek archives. I can’t wait to see firsthand some of the gorgeous design Canada has to offer! Happy trails! — Stephanie

Image above: Emma Reddington made sure to showcase many of the original Victorian details in her 1905 Toronto home with added touches of color.

Image above: This reclaimed picnic table was found in Nikole Herriott’s parents’ orchard. It was her mother’s dining table from childhood, but it needed some sprucing. And spruce Nikole did. It now fits perfectly in her Toronto home.

Image above: This wrought-iron spiral staircase in Toronto-based artist Courtney Wotherspoon’s home weighs in at one ton and runs from the living room to the loft bedroom above.

Image above: Poster artists and brothers Andrew and Matt McCracken use the space in their Toronto home for just about everything, including using the fireplace to hold poster tubes.

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Image above: Raymond Biesinger and Elizabeth Hudson’s landlord knocked out most of the walls in the back part of their Montreal apartment to create one large, bright and open multipurpose living space.

Image above: The wallpaper in Jess Loraas’ Calgary home is made of an historic map of Paris that she had custom printed by the company Rollout.

Image above: This “Hybrid Console” by MADE sits in the home of MADE co-owners Shaun Moore and Todd Caldwell. They surrounded the piece with works of fellow Canadian artisans and artists.

Image above: The view from the Amanda Schuler and Dave Podsiadlo’s playroom looking up to the kitchen of their West End Toronto home

Image above: Nerissa and Peter repurposed this outdoor garden chair into an indoor accent piece in their coastal Vancouver home.

Image above: Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping updated an old Singer sewing machine into the perfect sink vanity for their Ontario home.

Image above: Sarah Foelske glammed up her personal vanity space in her Toronto home with pink stripes and a silver table.

Image above: This former airport bench-turned-sofa sits in the Toronto home of graphic designer Amanda Happé. She also took the photos of the Santa Monica graffiti.

Image above: The chalkboard-covered island in Carolyn Gavin’s Toronto home is the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Image above: This wall in the Hamilton, Ontario, studio of designer and artist Jamie Lawson and Jacqui Oakley houses collections from the couple’s travels.

Image above: A combination of natural and quirky in Justin and Michelle Demers’ Toronto home


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  • I like old sewing machines…but when they’re in good shape they should be left alone..not converted into sinks or tables. That’s just my three cents. Otherwise, I love the fireplace storage idea. Thinking aloud here: could you store skeins of yarns this way? Artfully arranged, of course, but a riot of colorful yarn skeins would be striking in a white fireplace such as this.
    btw, where does one yarn shop in Toronto? I’ve forgotten. Fabric shops too?

  • As a Torontonion, it’s always exciting to read an ‘outsiders’ perspective on our great city. Looking forward to your review, and enjoy your visit! We really do have lots to offer: design, culture, food, drink :)

  • Nice places, but a little disapointed that almost everything is Toronto..There are some fantastic homes in all parts of the country, and especially on either coast line!
    Most of us treat Toronto like the americans treat NYC. It thinks it’s the center of the universe, but I am quite happy living away from it ;)

  • Thanks everyone! Just landed here and already in love with it! Canada, you keep it fresh!

  • Toronto is such a great city, so I’m sure you had a fun time! I shoot homes all the time, in Canada, and I see so many fantastic homes every week. Canada is a pretty cool country if I do say so myself. ;)

  • Bon Voyage!

    I am from Toronto and each time I go home I fall in love with the city again all over. Enjoy! And make sure to try some good ol’ Ontario produce.

  • Great news that you’re coming to Toronto! I hope it treats you well! And yes – of course I’ll be following along and seeing what goodies you uncover. I hope you have some Canadian magazines for the plane ride…Toronto Life, Canadian House & Home, Style at Home, Chatelaine…
    p.s. Many of us don’t actually pronounce the second T in Toronto. We say it more like “Tor-ah-no”

  • Love the use of the sewing machine cabinet as the sink vanity! Perfect use for this plus it even has drawers. A new function for something beautiful that is not functional anymore. Great job.

  • Welcome to Toronto! That design*sponge is featuring Toronto and Patti Smith at the same time, warms my heart.

  • I fan such a Design Sponge fan – huge. However, there are just some posts that … Awh …. totally do it for me. This is one of them. Just being exposed to unique creativity to be found in these interiors is more than inspirational – its encouraging and I hope many of us find the creative courage to indulge in similar styles. Many thanks Design Sponge Team!!

  • @MB: The best fabric stores are on Queen St West, going west from Spadina to Bathurst. Along that strip you’ll also find stores dedicated to buttons, jewellery supplies and Romney Yarns is along that strip as well. Welcome to TO!

  • I liked the custom wallpaper too, (though I wish there were more old maps, and not just that one of Paris that’s been used decoratively a gazillion times) but you neglected to point out that the bed in that image had a Hudson Bay Blanket – the definitively Canadian accessory.

  • Toronto is an amazing city filled with so many talented designers and architects we need more projects featured for our great city please!!!