sina sohrab

Simple designs are almost always my favorite. Clean, efficient furniture withstands the test of time and works in any type of home. This beautiful step stool is actually part of a senior thesis from RISD student Sina Sohrab. As someone who routinely has to climb up on counters to reach things (This just in: I’m short!), I definitely appreciate the value of a beautiful and functional step stool. Sina has designed a nice range of simple but beautiful home goods, all of which you can view on her website. Thanks to Sina for sending this over. xo, grace


It was really so interesting to click through this designer’s website and see her notes and photos of prototypes in progress. For the layperson enjoying the results of so much good design, it’s nice to have a look into the process that makes it possible.


Oh, I live in Providence. I wonder if his works were on display in the senior thesis show I kept meaning to go to and probably completely missed now that graduation has long passed.

(Psst! Sina is male, so I think you meant “his website”.)


What a great things on his website! I am so bumbed they are not for sale (yet?!).

Nancy Plank

Please let your readers know when this is available to buy!