sight unseen — geometric heaven

I feel slightly less crazy when a website or group of people that I trust and admire seems to indulge in the same obsession. Sight Unseen has an entire — amazing — shop dedicated to geometric design, and the shape lover in me is losing her mind over the selection. Bec Brittain’s bottle opener (above), Jonah Takagi’s cutting boards, Fort Standard’s granite and marble candleholders and the hand-painted Baggu selections are all calling my name. Each design nails the geometric trend without going overboard and is a perfectly subtle way to get the geometric look without stamping a triangle on every available inch of real estate. Click here to check out the entire shop online and the links above for the individual pieces shown here. xo, grace


Absolutely fantastic, a thing made for the shape’s sake, wanted to cry out, before i realised they do have a function, which makes them even more desirable :) l love them!