sarah burwash

One casualty of being online 24/7 is occasionally feeling numb to new art and design. When you wade through so much of it every day (both in the form of submissions and posts), it’s sadly easy to feel as if nothing will ever knock you off your feet again. But I was gladly knocked off my feet yesterday by the amazing work of artist Sarah Burwash. Not only do I love her incredible body of work, but I also love how her work came to me — via the heartfelt recommendation of a good friend. Few things are sweeter than someone genuinely wanting to celebrate a talented friend. Sarah’s friend Chloe sent me a link, and I think I spent a good 30 minutes clicking through her site and making Amy look at my laptop screen over and over again.

Just when I thought Sarah’s illustrations and drawings were more than enough for a post, I realized that she also makes gorgeous ceramics, jewelry, collages and maps. She is both busy and insanely skilled. Based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Sarah has such a light hand with her work, and I love that little details pop up in unexpected places. Normally I don’t like to compare artists, but her work reminds me of my favorite aspects of both Lena Corwin and Carson Ellis’ work, but with a completely different spin. I can’t fully describe how much I adore her work, but let’s just say that a lot of these are going on my wish list. Right now. Thanks so much to Chloe for the tip. Click here to check out Sarah’s site, here for her Tumblr and here for her Etsy shop. xo, grace

Many, many more images of Sarah’s work after the jump . . .


These are beautiful! Some of the paintings would make great prints for fabrics too.


AMAZING. Thank you for sharing! I just got lost in her Etsy store… Great stuff.

Chrissy Poitras

Lovely. Sarah your work is amazing! We hope to have you back at the studio again some day so we can be surrounded by it all once more :)


these are lovely and reminded me of a friend’s work. Patricia Casey is an Australian artist working in photography and incorporating embroidery with stunning results.


Delicately beautiful with intense strength at the same time — a rare combination . Thanks for the viewing privilege. Kay


I recently came across Sarah’s wonderful work and was her first Etsy sale! I’m the proud owner of Harbour Home:)