my embroidery kit by lisa grue

Amy and I have been talking about taking an embroidery class for a while, but we haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m nervous that I’ll be the slowest learner in the class, so maybe I should start in the privacy of my own home with this kit from Lisa Grue. Lisa has three images to choose from (bobcat, skull, butterfly), and the fabric is printed with a bright gray outline of the design so you can follow it while you embroider. The kit includes everything you need and is closed with a leather belt, so if you want an excuse to try something new and get some cute packaging out of it, look no further. Click here to check out Lisa’s kit online and place an order. xo, grace

Natasha Fatah

We have a beautiful elephant tapestry in our home, and I just love it. I picked it up in Bombay, and it always starts a conversation. :)



I hate to be a bother, but could I get a source for that lamp. It’s beautiful. Thanks!

Grace Bonney


i’m afraid i don’t know the source, sorry. it’s just a prop in the photo for the kit :(



Thanks for posting this!! I’ve been looking for a sweet old lady to teach me how to embroider, but hoping this will do the trick…


I second the lamp, any way to find out? Please? It’s gorgeous!


What a great idea. I love the patterns too. I used to love to embroider years ago in school, but the patterns were never as nice as this!


It’s amazing how accessible it can be to create handmade statement pieces!