living in: only you


Only You is a charmer of a rom-com. With Robert Downey Jr. at the helm and Marisa Tomei in some killer clothes, it’s covet-worthy in all respects. It tells the story of a woman who follows the advice dished out by a Ouija board in her middle school days and goes to Venice to find her soul mate, and guess what? Hijinks ensue. What you wouldn’t expect is how easy it is to fall for this flick, and its classy nineties-style only helps its cause. — Amy Merrick

1. English Ivy, $9; 2. Max Pendant, $195; 3. Proenza Schouler Shirtdress, $450; 4. Peugeot Wine Opener, $240; 5. Mulberry Duffle Bag, $1200; 6. J.Crew Patent Wedges, $198; 7. Vintage Round Side Table, $995; 8. Selima Sunglasses, $115; 9. Aspinal Lizard Luggage Tags, $35; 10. Ouija Board, $125

That Venice is romantic is probably the world’s worst kept secret. Canal rides and ivy-covered gardens, tiled walls and tanned men — it didn’t take long for us to become smitten. Mistaken identities and cutout dresses only add to the intrigue, and whoops, we just whipped out our credit cards to chase down our soul mates, too.

1. English Floral Tile, $35; 2. Vintage Fluted Sconce; 3. Simon Pearce Hurricane, $235; 4. Cutout Dress, $40; 5. Nickel Soap Basket, $48; 6. Turkish Towel, $34; 7. Clawfoot Tub, $1265; 8. Oval Recycled Glass Vase, $48; 9. Tub Faucet, $77; 10. Spanish Mirror, $495


Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to exploring it! Oh, and that Mulberry duffle is to die for!


I love this movie! RDJ is so cute, Marisa is adorable, and Bonnie Hunt has some classic lines.

I want to go to Italy on a whim right this minute!


Sounds like my kind of movie :-) and I looove the classy nineties-style shown here!


Aw, I love me some young RDJ, he’s just too adorable! I think I need to watch it again.


Oh.My gosh!!! This has been one of my favorite movies since the first time it came out!!! The actors, the scenery, and the style! So glad someone else thinks it is great too :)


This is one of my favorite romantic comedies. I love Marisa Tomei’s style, Bonnie Hunt is hilarious and Robert Downey Jr. is the icing on the cake. Great pick for a “Living In” post.


Great choice! I love when Billy Zane’s wig comes off. I think I’mma gonna watch this movie now.


Ahhh so happy you posted about this movie. I have recently been watching it again and I still love it! Maybe even more now then I did back then. LOVE THIS!!!


Oh man, I loved this movie since the first time I saw it in elementary school! So glad it got a “living in” feature. You guys pick the best movies :)


Following advice from a Ouija Board? I love it. These shots are beautiful. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

Rachel May

I’ve been debating switching to those Turkish towels. I saw some in a small shop in Colorado Springs and fell in love! I’m just not sure if the Boyfriend would go for it. They’re so soft after they’ve been washed, though!

Might have to test them out:)


This was an incredibly charming movie. I think I should buy it. Thanks for this wonderful post. I feel so inspired.

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

You guys ROCK!!! I loved Marisa’s hair in this movie. It makes me feel misty eyed when I think of some of these old rom-coms with talent like Tomei and Robert Downey Jr, compared to the schlock that comes out now…

Patricia Flournoy

Thanks so much for reminding me of a favorite movie…your insight on the design element is “spot on”


a favorite movie. so many great lines, fabulous fashion, divine settings. “Destino.” “Damon Bradley.” “It-ly.” My favorite: Joaquim de Almeida/Giovanni to Bonnie Hunt/Kate “The stars will be jealous of you tonight.”


One of my favorites! Best scene for me was Marisa floating down the stairs to the restaurant in that awesome white dress. This movie also made “Positano” one of my favorite words to say because it rolls off the tongue so beautifully. :)


Where can I find that tub faucet? Love it as well as most everything on the post!


Well, I have to see this movie now! Anyone who takes advice from a Ouiji board is worth hearing out! Or are they? Great post!


Loved this movie back in the day – I still remember the fabulous red dress she wears in itally iwth the leg slits…i loooooooooooved that dress….


I forgot about this movie!! Great picks!

Bonnie Hunt is SO under appreciated as an actress.


This may be your best “Living In” yet. The bathroom you’ve curated is spot on, and what a great choice for a subject! Only You was an inspired choice. Kudos.


One of my favorite movies of all time…you Design Sponge gals have fabulous taste! ;)

Peter Mason

My wife has been asking about the Selima sunglasses for a while now, and whether they are available in black? I personally really like brown ‘tortoise’ colour that you have used in the above post.

hena tayeb

oh the white dress..and then there was this red one i think with slits all around.. I love this movie.. it’s perfect for the romantic at heart.

Vanessa Carey

Yes! I thought I was the only person who liked this movie. It is one of those ones that is pretty bad, but enjoyably so. Robert Downey Jr was my first heart throb as a kid. Love him in this film. This post is just fantastic.


YES! I was so obsessed with this movie growing up. I always said if I ever walked the red carpet I’d get someone to make me that white dress/jumper. To diiiieeee for.

Bridget from Refined Vintage

Now I have to add this movie to my list of movies I need to see, It sounds fun and of course set in Venice was the clincher! I do love that white vintage table and the little black shirt dress!

June @So_Meow

I fell in love with this movie. I fell in love with THAT BATHROOM!!!!


I was just watching this movie, and thinking this would make a terrific D*S “Living In” post. Guess I either forgot about this or missed it, so I searched, just in case, and yes! Beautiful Italia!