living in: cruel intentions


Before there was Gossip Girl, there was Cruel Intentions. And before there was Cruel Intentions, there was Dangerous Liaisons. A smutty 19 90s adaption of a heavy hitting classic, the cast emanates a blinding glow of teen goodness. With Sarah Michelle Geller, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe, Selma Blair and that guy who will be forever known as simply Pacey- you can’t really go wrong. The movie qualifies as borderline sex-ed for the younger set, so hire a sitter and watch away.   -Amy Merrick

1. Eliza clear chandelier; $2695; 2. Preowned Rolex, $3554; 3. Ralph Lauren blazer, $750; 4. Skinny headband, $24; 5. Rough cast plates, $26; 6. Scheffield side table, $795; 7. Herringbone flooring; 8. Kate Spade pearls, $148; 9. Jaguar XK-140; 10. Phone holder, $30.

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The draw of watching rich teens run amok is hard to fight. Even if it’s a turn to watch a accident on the highway instinct, sometimes it’s best to indulge. The WASPy privilege of Catherine and co in Cruel Intentions is mesmerizing and even thought we count our blessings not be a part of her wicked ways, adding some blueblood style to our daily lives would elevate the even mundane. Start small and save the jag for extra credit.

1. Leather handled tray, $495; 2. Silver cross, $32; 3. Zeus bust, $775; 4. Antique Swedish sofa, $4900; 5. Crest ring, $587; 6. Leather journal, $85;  7. Wire wrapped magnifying glass, $16; 8. Ferragamo heels, $684; 9. Areca palm, $378; 10. Round lamp, $299.




that guy “who will be forever known as simple Pacey” would be Joshua Jackson


I’m so happy you made this a living in, I’ve always loved this movie. The antique Swedish sofa is gorgeous!

Katie Boyer Clark

Really fun when watched in tandem WITH Dangerous Liaisons.

Dyanna Littke

I said the same just a few years ago that “‘cruel intentions” was the original “gossip girl”. So of course I had a giggle when I read this0 thanks for sharing!


I always liked the blue of Catherine’s room! very luxurious


Another movie with a fantastic soundtrack! I loved this movie in middle school. It was the sleepover movie of choice for years, mostly because none of our parents knew how sexy it was, so it always felt like we were getting away with something when we watched it. Even after all of these years, it’s still plain dirty fun!


Whoever did the set design definitely did an amazing job based on those pics. It would be so nice to live in a house that pretty. I don’t get to put up a lot of pretty things… I have 3 kids and they break everything!


But…but…where can I buy the silver cross that also stores cocaine? : P

That has got to be one of the more memorable pieces of movie jewelry.

Andrew Ley

I remember watching this at the cinema when it cam out as a naive 16 year old and thinking it was the most amazing film EVER. I then watched it again with some friends a couple of years back and couldn’t believe how stupid some of the characters are.

Still great fun to watch though, and that classic style will never go out of fashion. Those sets look as gorgeous today as they did in the 90’s.


my, my! I loved this movie. I remember wanting so bad to watch it but having to figure out how my friends and I would watch an R-rated movie. this is when my crush for Ryan Phillippe started.. lol.


I think I got grounded for watching this movie when my Mom made me turn it off after Joshua Jackson’s first scene – *sigh* memories… but definitely one of my favorite movie soundtracks! LOVE the car so very much!


I love these posts, but the mistakes are pretty distracting. Proof-reader? Copy-editor? Please?

Kat from Jersey

It’s funny that this movie is one of my husband’s guilty pleasures! Forget Pacey… SMG will forever be Buffy to me.


Amy Merrick is obviously not a fan of “Fringe.”


I totally forgot that Joshua Jackson was in this ha! Have to say that given that he’s the star of a current tv show I doubt he is forever known as just Pacey. I would think Fringe hits a whole audience that would never have watched Dawsons Creek.