living in: carrie


Smile everybody! It’s prom time. While most may be traumatized at the memory of glittery heels and plastic corsage boxes, it’s best to embrace the good and the bad and Carrie, everyone’s favorite telekinetic heroine, does just that. The cult classic packs a wallop of campy high school horror and genuine emotional sensitivity, all covered in a 1970s hard candy shell. To celebrate the start of summer, let’s all throw a personal post-prom party with Sissy, a big bowl of popcorn and finally legal spiked punch.          -Amy Merrick

1. Glitter letters, $8; 2. Silk ballerina dress, $829; 3. Crystal tiara, $60; 4. Corsage box, $1; 5. Silver pump, $89; 6. Round balloons, $19/set of 6; 7. Metal garden stool, $279; 8. Splatter greeting cards, $3; 9. Blushing roses, $225.

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Sometimes it’s hard to move past mortifying high school memories and I count my blessings that by the time I’d gotten to gym class, the days of public showering had long past. There is something to be said for institutional cool though, and I wouldn’t mind stealing Carrie’s simple seventies shower style. This time, let’s be sure to enforce more shower curtains and less tormenting bullies.

1. Matrix lockers; 2. Shower combination, $860; 3. Bourjois nail polish, $3; 4. Vintage clock, $75; 5. Hammam towel, $10; 6. Tampon case, $2; 7. Porcelain hook, $25; 8. Bath brush, $30; 9. Love’s Baby Soft, $13; 10. Flip-flops, $3.


eeek! i seriously hate that movie—creeps me out! lol


If there’s going to be a Living In feature on a horror movie, I’ve got to request some haunting love! Perhaps The Shining or original Amityville Horror next time? Do love the vintage clock you listed!


Love’s Baby Soft brings back so many memories. I had no idea you could still buy it (although I don’t think I’ve looked for it since 9th grade).


Can’t say I’d want to live in Carrie….how about the Shining? At least the hotel was glamourous…


You should definitely do Drag Me to Hell. She has such a pretty cottage in that movie.


I like a lot this book by SK, and the movies are ok. You did an awesome inspiration board.


this is definitely favorite “living in” ! i say more horror!


My candidate for the next Living in is An American Werewolf in London !

Sonja B.

That movie was always too hard to watch. Never got through the whole thing continuously, but it is a classic. Seeing Love’s Baby Soft takes me back to early 80’s Seventeen magazines…who knew it was still available. Love this feature, you guys do it so well!!


It’s a terrible name to have! Otherwise, a movie I’ve enjoyed. And she is pretty fabulous in her super-understated, totally bat-stuff crazy way. Neat feature.


Nice! Just sent this to my sister – she’s on the Carrie remake crew in Toronto right now…


I vote for Living In “Suspiria” – 70’s Italian psycho-thriller in gloriously saturated color.


love it! sissy spacek and i share the same hometown. quitman, texas, represent! ;)


Don’t forget the ‘dirty pillows’!
Also, I think you should do the movie “Serpico” sometime. Pacino’s apartment and style in it is KILLER.


As long as we’re voting for scary movies, I’m going to make a plea for Martha Marcy May Marlene! Not straight-up horror, but definitely equal parts scary, moody and beautiful.


Make that two votes for Suspiria, it is eye-candy! Although a lot of that was the amazing lighting. Also, for the horror movie May, because of that funky hand-sewn vibe it has.