larissa hadjio diamond vision bags

Hello, I’m a facet addict. Have we met? I’ve been obsessed with anything faceted for years now and still haven’t let it go. I’ve always been drawn to gem shapes more than actual gems, so these new bags from Larissa Hadjio are right up my alley. Her Diamond Vision collection includes a wide range of gem-inspired bags, from small clutches to larger shoulder bags. If you’re looking for something faceted and cute for the summer, click here to check out Larissa’s collection online and shop. xo, grace


That long black zippered bag would be great for long straight knitting needles. They’re aren’t enough bags out for knitters who adore working with straight needles. Circular needles are more popular but there’s a crowd that will only work with straight needles.


Love these bags!! Also completely mad for facets. I would so sport one with something from my Diamond upcycled jewellery collection.


Is anyone else tired of every post from this blog starting with “I” or “My”?

Grace Bonney


this is a blog run by individuals, hence the use of “i” or “my”. there are many group blogs you can read if those terms bother you.