hand-carved stamps: 50 of my favorite

I’ve been thinking about written letters a lot lately and how much I love them as an excuse to use stamps. I’m a bit of a stamp hoarder (thankfully I can hide them at my office now), so I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite hand-carved examples on Etsy. There are some pretty decent stamp sellers on Etsy right now, so there is a TON to choose from here (organized into groups: love, symbols and shapes, nature and random). My favorites are kinda quirky, but hopefully there will be something here for everyone. Who doesn’t love getting real mail with a little stamp on the seal? It’s the best. Stamp away! xo, grace

Two images above: Memi The Rainbow at Etsy

Image above: TC Witchcraft Factory at Etsy

Image above: Doodlebug Design on Etsy

46 more favorite stamps continue after the jump . . .


Both stamps above: Doodlebug Design on Etsy

Image above: Happie Stamps at Etsy

Image above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy


Three images above: Creatiate at Etsy

Three images above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy

Image above: Extase at Etsy

Image above: Memi The Rainbow at Etsy


Two images above: Creatiate at Etsy

Four images above: Extase at Etsy

Image above: Green garden stamps at Etsy

Image above: Hugfish and Orange at Etsy

Four stamps above: Memi The Rainbow at Etsy

Two stamps above: Paper Fruit Hair at Etsy

Image above: Skull and Cross Buns at Etsy

Three images above: TC Witchcraft Factory at Etsy

Three images above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy


Two images above: Creatiate at Etsy

Image above: Doodlebug Design on Etsy

Two images above: Extase at Etsy

Image above: Jam Jam Sweet at Etsy

Five images above: Memi The Rainbow at Etsy

Image above: Paper Fruit Hair at Etsy

Two images above: Stamps by Sachi at Etsy

Image above: SugarSkull7 at Etsy

Two images above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy

ethaney lee

i have never ever thought stamps were THIS cool…until now. i love these all so much. i seriously have an urge to blow serious $$ on some seriously cool stamps.


Wa! What an awesome collection, just love them all! And have to say that I love the imperfections in hand carved stamps. Makes them real! Thanks for putting this together. :)


Gosh, I want a ball of yarn and knitting needles stamp but that kitty kat one sure is cute. And that scalloped edge stamp would sure come in handy for making some DIY fabric prints on a bedspread, pillow or even a collar or border print on a skirt or a dress.


This post makes me smile so much! Who doesn’t love a cute, hand-carved rubber stamp?

Lindsay - ShopEllaLou

Posts like this are why I read blogs. This morning I never would have thought to get up and seek out hand-carved stamps on Etsy. I just spent 15 minutes looking at the ones you posted and I want them all – I’m excited and inspired! Just what I needed to get me through Wednesday morning. Merci!


ahh I love these! I would have such a hard time picking my favorites.. the love crane, washi tape, blueberries. I love carving these too but it is always so encouraging to see what others are up to!


wow-e-wow. i love this post. so many stamp diy projects to tackle this weekend!


What a great resource!! I will be sure to mark this page as you have already
found the best!!! I love the places where you show the stamps used on photos..
GREAT post! :)

Uncle Beefy

Makes me want to bust out my block carving tools and deface an entire magazine, Grace. Super fun post! :) (Hope all is well on your end of the world!)


Thank thank thank you for sharing. I’m stamp obsessed and this post really contributes to my addiction.

Anna F

I raced right over to Etsy to get that blueberry stamp for a friend and left with some raspberries as well. Left after favorite-ing a number of other stamps. Thanks!

Jane @ EarthAppleJane

What fabulous and quirky stamps! Really brilliant. I am keen on potato stamping which is so quick and easy to do but the intricacy and permanency of these is to be admired. Thank you for sharing them


These are all great! I love the doxie one. I’ve carved a few stamps myself from the pink carving blocks and have to say the process is very relaxing. Just don’t cut yourself!

Does anyone have any advice about different types of stamp pads? Pigment inks come in lots of really nice colors, but I find their slow drying time to be really frustrating. There’s always the option to use embossing powders on top, but that just adds one more step. I’ve tried a dye-based stamp pad and it bled through my papers. I’ve seen chalk pads, but I’m not familiar with them at all.


I loved this round up – these stamps have great personality!


There is nothing better than getting a handwritten letter, especially one covered in these adorable stamps!

Nat @ Dear Little House

Stamps are so much fun. I have a couple of hundred vintage ones and a fair few new ones too :P Luckily I can use them in my ‘real person’ job as a school teacher :)


Grace…..I love d*s because you’re always full of surprises and this post was fun to wake up to….Off to grab an anchor stamp….Ahoy! ;-) and thanks, as always, for the morning eye candy!!


i love this post! I’ve started carving stamps this year.. my husband got me all the stuff to do it. i had no idea how easy it is. ANYONE can do it.


I’m obsessed with return address rubber stamps! We have a cool one designed by Molly Jacques and it seriously makes me want to send out letters/invitations for EVERYTHING.


What are they carved out of?

I’d like to Make some …
Theese are sooo beautifull.
Some of them look really intricate.


These are beautiful, inventive little stamps. Massively satisfying to make I’m sure. Very time consuming though! Love the idea of personalised stamps and using them to sign cards and letters. Really pretty. Geometric shapes are properly cool too! Great post!