Fun Animal-Shaped Gadgets

Aside from the furry live dog I share a space with, I love incorporating animal design in my home via pictures, sculptures and even gadgets. (I currently own the owl kitchen timer pictured below — just too cute.)

So I’ve rounded up some fun animal-shaped gadgets on My Life Scoop this week. Click here to read the full post, and please share your favorite animal-shaped gadgets so I can add to my menagerie. Enjoy! — Stephanie


I love animal things too! I try really hard to avoid getting too cutesy with them, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. The animal lover in me overpowers the minimal design lover!

John Batt

There’s a lot of talk about how we’re inundated with useless stuff these days, loads of gadgets for the sake of it but what’s the point..when it comes to these kinds of things though, I’m completely against these arguments.

It’s these designs which make otherwise mundane/routine activities more interesting and personalised, my kids would also all love these things! :)