Federico Saenz-Recio

My embarrassing love of pink seems to be spreading, and I’ve gotten some amazing hot pink tips from D*S readers lately. Sarah Reid sent me a link to Federico Saenz-Recio’s work, and naturally I flipped. So much pink — and used so well. I don’t get excited about just any pink; it needs to be vivid and used the right way, and Federico does it perfectly. His abstract paintings combine acrylic, graphite, pastel and spray paint and have a great energy to them. The painting above is definitely on my “things I’d like to own when I win the lottery” list. Thanks to Sarah for the tip! xo, grace


Ooooh. Though I’m suffering from overexposure to pink these days (4 year-old who is the only granddaughter to three sets of doting grandparents) I have to agree that these are exquisite. Maybe I can convince the doters to invest in one of these, instead of ten thousand tutus.

Melissa Kojima

I think these are a great pick! I was thinking how much I love pink and gray and then I found these gorgeous abstracts which are full of strokes, splashes and drips of pink and gray. Beautiful.

Kristin B

I adooore these! We must have been on a similar brainwave as I blogged about his amazing art work just last week! I can’t get enough of it either!


Me encanta el color rosa con gris, me da paz.Buen equilibrio, me gusta.


Me encanta la composición de colores, en conjunto me da paz y alegría.


Thanks Lisa for the links to the other 2 artists…some very cool art pieces!!