daina platais

Daina Platais is a product designer and ceramicist based in Brooklyn who recently took a sabbatical to travel to Nicaragua and follow her dream. Working with local craftspeople, Daina has been learning about traditional Nicaraguan art and design and has already created a few pieces inspired by her time there. The collection won’t be out until next year, but these preview pieces were too beautiful not to share. The vessels above were inspired by the beautiful leaf below; if that sort of detail can be expected from each piece, I can’t wait to see the full series when it’s done. Thanks for the preview, Daina! xo, grace


Love the geometric design on the top and bottom photo. Really beautiful and striking.

Tracey MacKenzie

I just love the ones in the first photo! I can see those pieces blending so nicely with a banana tree and some candles on my back gallery.


The ones in the first photo are just so visually stunning. Love the contrast.


These are really beautiful. I especially love the bottom piece and the way the pattern is created not only through color but texture.


Beautiful!! I hope you will keep us upt o date when the collection is available. Thank you for keeping us up to dateon design. I appreciate it!


Exquisite! Your artwork is stunning. Good luck to you!


What an exceptionally deep gift you’ve given yourself, and us, by studying in Nicaragua, Daina! Imbued with your willingness to truly see and your respect for learning, your pieces speak with honor and transcendent beauty.

Daina Platais

Thank you for all your kind words! It has been a very interesting journey and I am so excited to keep going! Thank you