come on get happy

It’s still a little overcast here in Brooklyn, so I thought a good jolt of color this morning would be a great way to clear my head. These new pieces at Leif are bursting with color, and if I owned them all, I’d be tempted to pile them on or around me at the same time so I’d never feel blue. For me, it’s impossible to be down when I’m surrounded by a ton of color — it’s such an uplifting feeling. The tassel strands above are bracelets handmade in the Netherlands from Made by Lennebelle. Each is packaged in a glass tube with a little cork stopper. The porcelain sculptures below are cast from actual ginger roots and then hand painted in Rhode Island to give them a colorful glow from within. Last but not least, the colorful glass tumbler is handmade in San Francisco and has sweet little confetti chips in different colors. These are the sorts of glasses that are too happy to save for special occasions — they would definitely become my everyday water and juice glasses. Click here to check out and shop all of these colorful new pieces online at Leif. xo, grace

Ana Carneiro

I’ve been loving the verion of Come on Get Happy sung by Hugh Laurie! I just had to go look for it on You Tube! So, this post really made me twice as happy!

Melissa Kojima

I agree. I too get happy looking at these and with spots of color everywhere. The tassels are fantastic—who wouldn’t be happy with theses! And the cast ginger root sculptures are amazing.


i stocked those tassel bracelets last year and fell in love with them! we’ve been sold out for awhile now and this makes me want to get them back in quickly, they’re really lovely :)