color wonderful at leif

If I could give awards to shop keepers, I would. Maybe I should. Some sort of store appreciation award is definitely in order for Leif. I am constantly bookmarking or posting everything in their “new” section because the owners do an impeccable job of curating. When a shop is that spot on, someone behind the wheel definitely knows their audience and aesthetic. Hence my obsession with these new additions, colorful Jonna Saarinen breakfast trays ($43 each) and lace print ceramic garden markers ($24 for 5). I love having little trays around the house that are the perfect size to stash next to a sofa (or in my case, on the floor) so you can balance a drink and snack without spilling them everywhere. If you’re looking for a little extra color in your garden or kitchen, click here to check out and shop Leif’s newbies online. xo, grace

Jordana @ White Cabana

The breakfast trays are great! I was just going to start a painting similar in style…but with more subdued colours…to fit my current aesthetic.


Thanks for posting these! I absolutely love them and have to have those little garden markers for my mom!