citrine blocks

by Grace Bonney

I’m having a yellow moment this morning. I rarely wear yellow (I look like death warmed over in that color), but I love it as a home color, especially this super bright hue. How happy is this pillow? The chain stitching and sunshine color make this my perfect summer pillow. Click here to check it out and shop online (pillow by DwellStudio). xo, grace

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  • SO fun! I love yellow in my home, too. I have yellow wallpaper on a dining room wall and even on the gloomiest of days my home feels bright. -Christie

  • Very cute! Like I’ve said before, I love how strong lines are becoming more and more common. That little pillow seems like it could brighten an entire room.

  • I should have known it was from Dwell the moment I laid eyes on it! Their bedding and pillows are what dreams are made of. Yellow also does me no favors when it comes to clothing, but my home decor has definitely been taking a ride on the Bright Train lately. Thanks for the info!

  • I can’t wear yellow, either! Though, with a yellow car, I suppose I’m “wearing” it all the time! But with a teal kitchen with butter-yellow appliances, and a yellow-tiled bathroom in my new apartment, I’ve been warming up to the idea of adding it into my home decor.
    That pillow is great. I love the graphic design and it looks like it’s has a really nice texture.