bike picnic!

OK, let’s be honest. For a bike picnic, the only real requirements are a bike and a sandwich. But I’ve been spending (for me) a lot of time on my bike this summer. The fact that I bought a new bike in February has been a pretty big motivator (nothing like a credit card statement to make you ride a little harder). And I’ve been hankering for a romantic bike picnic. My old bike had a basket, which made carrying things easy, but with my new ride, I have to get a little more creative. I love the bike picnic basket that attaches to the front of a bike, or maybe the picnic backpack . . . Either way, I’m determined to picnic this weekend. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Folding Knife, $36.50 (for wine or cheese and crackers — or both!); 2. Picnic At Ascot Eco Picnic Backpack with Blanket for Two, $75; 3. Sofia Champagne, $14.99/four pack (The pop-top can is perfect for a picnic, and if you don’t trust your riding and drinking, you have the option to split a single can.); 4. Twist n’ Crack Almonds, $14 (For those who like to work for their food.); 5. Canvas Pencil Roll, $10; 6. Beach Blanket, $41.99; 7. Bike Picnic Basket, $55; 8. Burt’s Bees Bug Spray, $18.88 (For me, this is necessary insurance that I don’t have a miserable, itchy night.)


i’ve been wanting to get a bike to go on picnics! i really love those picnic backpacks that have everything in them already.

Lauren Bair

Sofia Blanc de Blancs works for ev-ery-thing! I also like it for a bubble bath. And you can let the empties kind of float in the water, all trashy. But you just drank champagne, so you’re like Marie Antoinette. High class. Thanks for this post! I totally miss my bike, living in LA. It’s nice to live vicariously through you (and your picnics!).


Sophia in a can, 2004, Chateau Marmont…perfect weekend!

ri gal

Can’t see how I missed this post! It’s something to do with bikes and has been posted just a day after my birthday! Bikes and June and picnics :)
Lucky I came across this, when searching for the ‘other’ wood carving post (herriot grace docu!) after reading the post on the arctic cowboys.