bethany linz

It’s killing me that our book tour trip to Australia had to be put off for a while. Not only because we were really excited about going, but also because every other email I get about an awesome artist comes from Melbourne, Sydney, or another Australian city. These pieces are the work Sydney artist Bethany Linz, who used to work at one of my favorite companies, Mokum Textiles. Bethany recently left Mokum to pursue fine art full time, and her embossed artwork (with touches of paint and ink) is gorgeous. These pieces are my favorite, but you can check out more of her incredible work here. Thanks so much to Pauline at Ollmann Design for the tip! xo, grace


These are really beautiful! I especially love the last image. I’d love to learn more about her process. I took a printmaking class in college but was never able to achieve such a deep embossment.

Melissa Kojima

Paper art is fabulous. Art with wildlife and nature is so inspiring. Embossed paper art with animals and nature is irresistible. Thanks for sharing this artist. Her work is stunning.

Bethany Linz

Thank you Design Sponge for featuring my work, I’m a huge fan of your blog!! I hope to see you in Australia soon!