before and after

before & after: girl’s bedroom turned office

by Kate Pruitt

I love the thrill of completely changing a room — not just its decor and layout, but its very function. Part of the beauty of simple rooms with four walls and not much else is that when you feel like switching things up, you can make a living room a bedroom, a bedroom a den or office, or a den or office a dining room. Since we have so many routine behaviors that occur inside our homes, it can be refreshing to physically move those activities to different places.

Case in point: this gorgeous makeover by Tracie of Cleverly Inspired. When her little girl moved bedrooms, Tracie decided to turn the old bedroom into a chic, minimal, nautically inspired office space. With the carpeting and fun leafy green walls, I’m sure the room served wonderfully as a cozy, whimsical bedroom, but now it has been given a completely new look with hardwood floors, crisp white walls and a carefully curated selection of rustic and salvaged furniture pieces, art and objects. Well done, Tracie! — Kate

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Time: 5 weeks

Cost: about $2000

Basic Steps: We took everything out of the room and really cleaned the walls and wood work. It was previously home to our daughter, and the walls were coated with either sticky tack, tape or stick pins! They really needed some TLC. We used a diluted solution of Krud Cutter for all the surfaces. Then we went to work on patching the polka dots and holes so that we could have an even surface for the paint. After patching the polka dots . . . we sanded them down with fine-grade sand paper . . . then “spot treated” them with a spray-on primer. After all the prep of patching and sanding was finished, we took a damp cloth and cleaned up the dust.

The ceiling got two coats of paint, and we did that first. Then the walls (one coat of primer, two coats of paint), then the trim (one coat of semi-gloss). It was nice to paint knowing that the carpet was coming out! No need to cover it up!

The floor was ordered from Lumber Liquidators and was ready to pick up in 10 days. The installation took one full day (we hired out for the floor). Installation of the new ceiling fixture was easy, and we did that after the floor was laid. A new desk was built out of an old barn door and railing pieces. Most other items and pieces in the space were picked up at thrift stores and antique malls.

I would say the biggest challenge in this space was the condition of the carpet and walls. We decided to spend a bit more on the floor because the carpet was beyond help! The walls took some patience and time, but they came out beautifully. Just allow the time needed for each step, and know that your patience will pay off! — Tracie

Paint on the walls: Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore
Ceiling paint: Breath of Blue by Valspar
Trim paint: White Umber by Porter Paint
Ceiling light: Lowe’s

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  • Not many times do I see a before and after that makes my jaw drop – but this one definitely did. Well done! The new office space is very inspiring for me.

  • The office re-do is lovely….
    On a superstitious note, you may want to turn those horseshoes right side up. Superstition has it if horseshoes are hung facing downwards all the luck pours out.
    Just a friendly suggestions. :)

  • the fabric on the wingback chair!! so nice, did you re-upholster yourself? if so, could you please share your fabric source?

  • Hm, seems to me that I recall that one should put the horseshoes with the rounded part towards the bottom to prevent all the luck from running out…

  • So so so so humbled to be a guest here on Design Sponge. I am so thrilled you shared my project with your readers!!

  • Yes, the chair is really great. Tracie, can you talk about that? Was it a redo or new purchase?

  • LOVE IT! and I am a superstitious girl too so I zeroed in on those horseshoes right away! otherwise this is such a beautiful and tranquil space!

  • First, looks great (and those walls sound like a lot of work).

    Is this used as an office? I don’t see any office things (computer, files, books/folders/binders). Perhaps a laptop is used, but the back lighting from the windows might make that hard at the desk?

    Not being negative–just curious about the functional details.

  • Can you tell me if your room faces north, south, etc? Trying to break the “no white walls in a north facing room”, but I love the look of your room.