becca stadtlander cards

Amy and I admired Becca Stadtlander’s illustrated cards at the National Stationery Show, and I was happy to see them for sale at Etsy this week. Becca has such a sweet illustrative style, and I love the way she plays with tiny flecks of color that add just the slightest hint of detail. She’s got a wide range of new cards (birthday horses!) for sale online, but there are some great summer-appropriate prints, too. Click here to check them out and shop online. xo, grace

More images of Becca’s work continue after the jump . . .


These are completely adorable! I want every one!



These are so cute! Without being overly cute. I love them, especially the cats on the rug.

Melissa Kojima

I too love her work and have blogged about it on my blog, Artist in LA LA Land. I love the retro vintage feel to the colors and subjects. Makes it seem timeless.


one of her prints hangs in my studio. her artwork to me is a collection of charming stories. her sketchbooks are phenomenal too.