banda coffee table

I’m having a moment with this table right now. I’m not sure why (maybe it’s the tropical weather we’re having in NYC right now) but this woven rattan coffee table is calling my name. I’ve been trying to find a base for my marble coffee table top forever, but now this table seems like the perfect fit for my living room. I doubt it could hold the weight, but I’m tempted to find a little marble top to fit this guy now. I should probably just let it go, but if any of you are looking for a cute rattan table (this would be perfect for a porch or sunroom) this Banda table from Serena & Lily would be great. Click here for more details and to shop online. xo, grace

Colleen Clark

wow. that’s just bizarre, i’ve been in a marble/rattan tug-of-war over this table too! so purty!


I just have to say, I picked this table up at goodwill for 2 bucks 3 or 4 years ago…it is shorter, but same exact design! Yay!!


It is a cute table,but stuff like this freaks me out. It’s $245… How much did the person in South East Asia get for making it? A buck? Hmmmmm…..