badges badges and more badges

I’ve got a really weird thing for badges. I wasn’t a huge badge-wearer as a kid, but for some reason, the older I get, the better badges look. I’ve been OBSESSED with these French badges at Sweet Bella since May, and now I’ve got some new styles to add to my list. These were designed by Sarah Rainwater and can be customized as a set of four to sew or iron on your bags or clothing. While I’d be happy to sew these on the hem of a jacket or up near the lapel, I think these would be fun on a blanket, pillow or tea towel, as well. A little extra decoration never hurt anyone. Click here to check out all four designs and visit Sarah’s Etsy shop. xo, grace


I love these! They also just make great objects – imagine if that was your biz card?


Oh! This reminds me of the wall art that was made Sherry Petersik over on Young House Love for her husband, John, for Christmas. She framed his old scout badges and wrote a reference on the back of how each badge refers to a characteristic about John that she loves. They are so cute. Scroll down a little on the link to find it.


“Badges?! Badges?! I don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

…sorry, couldn’t help myself.
Perhaps, I do need some of those badges.


I was also obsessed with badges (and patches) as a kid although I never really sewed a badge onto anything.