after the jump: meg mateo ilasco interview (mp3)

by Grace Bonney

In an online world where everyone seems to have thousands of “friends,” it’s rare to find someone you click with both online and in person. I cherish those “web to real life” friendships more than I can possibly describe, and one of those friendships I’m privileged to have is with all-around wonder woman Meg Mateo Ilasco. Meg was the guest on my radio show this week (we pre-recorded when she was in town for Design Week), and it was truly one of my favorite and most comfortable shows yet. Mainly because I could talk with Meg for hours about anything, especially when it comes to work and design.

Meg just released her seventh (what??) book, Mom, Inc., with Cat Seto, and I was thrilled to sit down with Meg to talk about life as a working mom, her work with the amazing print magazine Anthology and her feelings on design and print in general. The interview is divided into two neat halves — first, working moms and Meg’s back story, and second, design, print and Anthology — so if you’re interested in hearing one discussion in particular, you can start with it. But honestly, Meg is such an inspiring woman that I hope you’ll listen to the full interview and hear everything she has to say. The design world (and the world at large) needs more people like Meg. Listen to her story here:

“Yes — it’s crazy, but that’s the whole point. If people did things for purely calculated reasons, the world would be a really boring place. I think for us, that gave us a lot of motivation.” — Meg Mateo Ilasco, on starting Anthology Magazine

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  • Those types of connections are special…make the most of it!

    I get the online version and love it. I’m hoping to get a writing job like that some day. Looking forward to listening to the interview. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Grace! This interview was so wonderful. You asked all the best questions, even though you don’t have kids–you still knew what to ask and how to nuance it. I loved the audio quality, I felt like I was in the living room with you. The friendship between you two was palpable. Thank you!

    • thanks so much, rachael. this was actually my first week of NOT writing questions ahead of time (i feel really comfy with meg so i wanted to have a natural conversation) so i’m glad you felt that way :)


  • Thank you Grace, for such a wonderful interview! I have a 10-month old baby and an 11-year old graphic design business and am still figuring out how to “balance” it all—not to mention my other creative pursuits.

    Meg, you’re such an inspiration! I’m glad to hear you say it’s OK to do lots of things—I can totally relate. However, like you mentioned, constant prioritizing is necessary when you’re a working mom. Now that I have a little one, I feel like I have to pick and choose my creative side projects more carefully (I’d rather spend time with him than put in late hours).

    Thanks for sharing your insight…I hope Chicago is a stop on the Mom, Inc book tour!