zak + fox

If there’s one thing I like more than pink, it’s fabric. Pretty much any patterned fabric makes me happy. These designs are from Zak + Fox, a new textile design company that recently launched a debut collection of Belgian linen fabrics. Even though the collections include some great colorways, I love that they feel like sophisticated neutrals that will go well with everything. Each pattern is made using water-based inks and comes in two different weights depending on your needs. I love the pattern above, but you can check out all ten designs right here. These would look so nice on vintage seating — they’ve got just enough pattern to feel modern without competing with classic lines. Thanks to Zak for the tip! xo, grace


Love the cuneiform one in the middle! Interesting that a glyphs so old can look so fresh and modern in surface design.

Cyn | decyng

I agree in the fabric love, not in the pink like jajaja. These patterns are different, very interesting. I´ve just checked the website and they have nice photos too.


You can contact us directly through our website! If you are a designer and based in New York, Studio Four represents the line.


My husband studies Akkadian (cuneiform), this was fun to show him. The pattern is just signs, no words that he could tell. But such a fun historical reference!