yelena bryksenkova

It can be both reassuring and embarrassing to see parts of your life depicted in artwork. Not that it’s my life per se, but these illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova sum up two of my favorite things about my home: plants and cats. I collect the former with reckless abandon and — were it not for my lease agreement — the latter as well. I finally got to meet Yelena in person at the YCN illustrator show (Julia and I got our portraits drawn live!) the other week, and she is as sweet and lovely as her work. I love it when the people behind my favorite work turn out to be just as awesome as you’d hope. Click here to check out (and shop) all of Yelena’s work online. xo, grace


I love Yelena’s work–I can say with pride (and ease!) that she’s in my Top 10 Favorite Illustrators of all time and that I know her! Starting my collection of her work while I can.


I went to school with Yelena – I never got to know her well – but I’ve been a huge fan of her work since I found it during my time at MICA. How is she so good?!


I bought one of her Prague illustrations after you featured her before — it’s one of my favorite things in my apartment!

Ryoma Sakamoto

From Japan.
Although I am working on a design,
You’re very nice illustrations.
This touch is impossible to imitate the Japanese.


she´s a master and does wonderful work! one of my favorite artists!