take it with you: travel essentials

Hopefully, I’m not alone in saying that the weekend wasn’t nearly long enough. (I can’t be the only one!) But I’m looking forward to many more summer weekends away, and while some of these aren’t necessarily essentials, they’re certain to brighten up any getaway. (I might need to invest in an earphone organizer — my messy earphone ways have caused the demise of more than one pair.) — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Bodas PJ Shorts, $57, and Bodas PJ Shirt, $80; 2. Rodin Lip Balm, $30; 3. Binchotan Eye Mask, $26; 4. Studio Gorm Key Ring, $22; 5. Notebook, $9; 6. Pen, $10; 7. Pancho Bag, $48; 8. Joya Shopping Tote, $88; 9. Luggage Tag; $22; 10. Earphone Organizer, $27 (discovered via Contemporary Masculine); 11. Scarf, $125; 12. Camera Strap, $98; 13. Timex Weekender, $48

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Image above: 1. Crushable Straw Fedora, $48; 2. Sunglasses, $30; 3. Philosophy Sunscreen, $30; 4. Herschel Totum Bag, $119; 5. iPad Case, $46; 6. Balmy Night Lip Exfoliator, $24; 7. Floral Print Shopper, $32; 8. At the Beach 1966, $95; 9. Slim Sonic Toothbrush, $16; 10. Contrast Caravan Mailbag, $78; 11. Orange Rock Climbing Tote, $88; 12. Mod Zip Card Case, $58; 13. Marvis Toothpaste, $6.50; 14. PAM Vibrations Knot Shoulder Bag, $230

Lauren Ashley

Ditto, I could also have used a longer weekend. :-) Thanks for another great round up. The ear phone organizer is genius. xo!


Love these finds! I stayed home in Brooklyn this weekend, but am looking forward to some beach escapes later this summer.


I also like carrying an extra light pair of flats or sandals. Isn’t it so relaxing to have something to change your toes into?

Jane C.

Please! Spare us the pajamas sold in two pieces, shorts $57 and shirt $80. Is this supposed to be a joke? I visit Grace Bonney’s website regularly, and have bought her book, Design Sponge at Home, so I am a fan. BUT – I object to having my intelligence insulted by being presented with pajamas for $137. Please, Grace and team, – let’s keep it real.
Jane C.


Sometimes things on Design*Sponge are pricey, but I just treat them as ‘inspiration boards’ – eye candy ;-) Then, every now and then something pops up that you love AND can afford! Yay!


Agree with above. 30$ lip balm? I really like this idea, but how about featuring perhaps some more affordable items as well. I understand this is a design site! Merely throwing it out there.