the owls by camilla meijer

I can’t remember the last time I said this, but I’m actually getting excited for this year’s ICFF. Maybe it’s the fact that the weather is supposed to be better by then, but I’m really looking forward to seeing some new work and (hopefully) feeling inspired by great new design again. This series from Camilla Meijer will be debuting at ICFF this year as part of the British European Design Group (booth 2501), which is always my favorite place to find great new wallpaper. In addition to the paper, Camilla will be producing this pattern as textiles (pillows). If you’re unable to visit the show, Camilla will have the collection available to buy online starting May 19th. Click here to check out more of her work online. xo, grace


LOVE this wallpaper. Normally I opt for paint/painting techniques for my walls, not wanting to deal with the mess and fuss. Now I’m wracking my brain for which rooms these patterns would look best in :)

Jamie Herzlinger

There is something eerie about these owls…love the idea but i find myself lost in their eyes. I can see myself just looking at them all day


Lovely. Sleeping in a room surrounded by this print would make me feel so safe. Or creeped out. Either way it’s gorgeous stuff.

However, I must admit, am slightly miffed that owls got so popular the last few years. I worry they are played out. I think hedgehogs are the new owl, (although, personally, I am rooting for the sloth).


Peaches, I second that! Let the Sloth be the new Owl! Love the blue wallpaper colourway.


I am interested in the orange knit hassock, where can I find it?

Camilla Meijer

Thank you for all the lovely feedback on my new pattern!

I have really enjoyed drawing these little guys… seeing their personalities taking shape from each new pen stroke. A little shy… they hide behind the tree… coming out to say hello… and they are friendly.

@Jackie, the candlesticks are by Maria Lovisa Dahlberg

@Cantwait, the knit hassock is available from Terracotta Spice