tea for two

After a truly epic six-month coffee binge, I’ve decided to give my beloved lattes a rest, as they introduced an equally epic era of heartburn. Try as I might, I can’t embrace tea in quite the same way, but I’m trying my best. As much as I don’t love tea, I do love tea and tea-related accessories like teapots, saucers and stirrers. This Mother’s Day card from W+K honors those accoutrements in a letterpressed card designed by Sarah Hollowood. If you need a nice way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” this year, click here to check out and order a card online. xo, grace

Tina Ramchandani

Sorry to hear about your latte problems. That really sucks! I don’t know what I would do if I had to give them up. But, tea can be fun, and yes, tons of accessories!


If you have a tea shop nearby, may I recommend seeing if they have a Tea 101 class? During a local class, I found out what the varieties of tea are and how to prepare them. I also tasted of a lot of teas. I hadn’t really been a fan before, but during the class I realized I loved certain types of green and white tea. (I realized I had been using water that was far too warm and steeping it too long, making the tea bitter.)

And local tea shops also generally have some *wonderful* tea pots and accessories.


I feel your coffee-pain. It clearly does not agree with my body, and yet I have nothing but love for the beverage. I’ve switched to tea during the week, and only drink lattes on weekends when we go out for breakfast so they’re more of a treat these days.


I love the card! Try PG Tips with a little milk. I like to think it’s the coffee of teas. Also, when I drink it before bed, sometimes it gives me really crazy/entertaining dreams. Good luck!

Grace Bonney


i do the same thing now- it’s funny how much i notice the caffeine after a week off. i’m buzzing around for hours!


amy walters, aDESIGNdock

What an adorable card. Beautiful work W+K!
Grace, I love my tea and I love my coffee equally. Neither can replace the other…it just depends what mood I’m in!


Go to In Pursuit of Tea in Soho. Ask for Ana. They will find you a tea you can love. They are amazing. And I’m not schilling for them either.


Here in Canada we have DAVIDsTEA, which has the most amazing tea blends I’ve ever tasted! They also have an online store and ship to the U.S.A for only $5, worth a look I think? They even have a coffee-laced tea…



I too didnt like tea. Reminded me of when we were sick as a child. Tea and honey-yuck!! My daughter introduced me to peppermint tea and i love it! Brings back lots of Christmas memories! Tho’ you hafta try different brands. Some taste and smell like a barn!!

Diane M

There are so many crappy teas for sale in America. Walk down to Porto Rico Importing Co. on Grand between Manhattan and Leonard. They’ve got a really nice selection and you can of course smell everything before you purchase anything. Sadly, some of their accessories are a little tacky. Also, I think the best tea importer on the east coast is Mark T. Wendell, and all their teas (especially their HU-KWA) are available online.

Good luck finding out which kind of teas are your favorites!


i love tea with a little milk and sugar! pg tips is definitely where it’s at! trader joes carries some decent ones as well!

Lisa Boalt Richardson

I am a tea expert that used to be a coffee drinker. I liked both for a long time. However, coffee got the best of me and I had to quit just like you. There are thousands of teas on the market. Hopefully you will find one that you love soon. If I can help, let me know. I recently did a tea tour of NYC for the IACP’s Annual Conference. If you are NYC, there are many great tea places to choose from. BTW, love the card!

Meghan @ Making Love In the Kitchen

When I run detoxes one of the biggest withdrawals (aside from gluten) is from caffeine and coffee. It is a toughy to give up- but I think you will find eventually reaching for your morning cuppa green tea does as much and more than a cuppa joe ever did! Also love the tea accessories, I was *this* close to taking my sommelier certification in…Tea! We have that in Toronto, isn’t it sweet?! Good luck giving up coffee, it will be worth it, I promise!


My wife has found respite from belly troubles related to coffee by drinking cold pressed coffee (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_brew_coffee), because of the lower acidity levels. Classic Rock Coffee Co. sells it as a concentrate by the gallon jug & it keeps well in the fridge, easily turned into iced lattes on a busy morning. There are also brewing stations for sale online for anyone willing to invest the 12+ hours into the process. Gives options for the days when tea just can’t hit the spot.