stitch by stitch

I really enjoy reading about companies that work with, support and celebrate artisans in rural or impoverished areas. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my purchase isn’t supporting a faceless box store, but instead a real person who is living off of their handmade work and creating beautiful things. Stitch by Stitch is a new company founded by Graham Hollick and Karen Sear Shimali. After meeting in art school in the 1980s, Graham and Karen decided to turn their love of textiles into a new company and they recently launched a new collection called Peacock Sportif. This collection was made in conjunction with amazing embroiderers (with the help of the SEWA organization) from the remote Kutch region of Gujarat in India. Inspired by their traditional stitch work, Hollick and Shimali created a collection that would celebrate those workers’ style and reinterpret it in a crisp, graphic pattern. I love the stitch work on these pieces and, naturally, want the red version all over my home. I love a crisp red and white bedding design, so these are pretty much instant favorites. You can read more about Stitch by Stitch right here and shop online right here. xo, grace


How absolutely stunning! I love doing handicrafts myself, but this inspires me to support the work of others. Thank you for sharing.


Love this! It is wonderful way to help these individuals, and raise awareness with those blinded by our modern, fast-paced culture. It reminds me so much of my friends’ venture, Turquoise Peach. They’ve been to India, and are planning their trip to Turkey this summer. Thank you!


I love SEWA! As a child of Ahmedabad, several of my mom’s friends worked at SEWA and it was such a huge part of the conversations I grew up around. This work is so beautiful, so glad to see such projects getting the recognition they deserve!


My grandparents are from Gujurat and I recently visited that area of India. I think the look is so timeless and love the idea of supporting something handmade and gorgeous.


Lovely embroidery, the handwork makes me feel proud to show my daughter how to make her first stiches. Great post.