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sneak peek: zoe johns & max catalano

by anne

Zoe Johns and Max Catalano live in San Francisco’s Mission District. A former textiles buyer, Zoe now works for a large retailer doing merchandising for their catalog, and in her free time she helps friends and family with their homes and collects vintage items that she sells on Etsy. The couple lives in a new construction building, which is their sanctuary from the excitement of the city. And despite a love of modern architecture, Zoe is still a bit of an old-fashioned girl, drawing inspiration from family treasures and items she and Max have collected over the years. But for every old “traditional” item, she tries to bring in something modern, humorous and unexpected. Thanks so much, Zoe, and thanks to Liz Daly for the fabulous photos, and to Kate for the tip! — Anne

Image above: This is our study. When we moved in, this was supposed to be the master bedroom, which came as a big white room. I wanted to create a dark and very cozy place to watch movies and for M to play music. I put a huge bookcase on one wall and a built-in desk and then painted the whole thing a really dark blue. It’s the room everyone ends up in when we have a party and where you will find Agnes, our eight-year-old Westie. The pillows are Jonathan Adler (I have a weakness for all things JA), and the cricket table we found at an antique store in Petaluma.

Image above: This is our powder room. I couldn’t land on a paint color I liked, so I ended up going with chalkboard paint with 10% white added. Over the years we have collected lots of art, and this was the perfect place to put it ALL up. The whole room is filled, and it’s very entertaining. The pigeons are my own work.

Image above: We love fizzy water . . . I’m not the sentimental type :)

More of Zoe and Max’s SF home after the jump . . .

Image above: This is our little bar area off the living room. We bought this console to store my vintage glassware collection and M’s mom’s wedding china, which she recently handed over to us (lucky us!). The large photograph was taken by our friend Debra Bloomfield. The fern is Max’s baby that he has had for 10 years.

Image above: This is our sitting room. The whole space is very modern, so I’ve added lots of soft textured and comfortable furniture to make you want to stay awhile. The sheepskins come from a weaver in Vermont (these sheep all died of old age), and Agnes loves to sit on them. The lamp and console are antiques found at flea markets, and the side table is from One Kings Lane.

Image above: The bookcase in the study. The small painting on the bottom left of my
dad and I was part of the Paul Ferney commission project. The throw was from a trip to Peru.

Image above: Our dining area is tight but perfect for small dinners. When we have larger parties, we move the table to the living room. It has four leaves and can seat up to 16.

Image above: This is my little desk in the bedroom that works double duty as a workspace and makeup table. The desk was my mother’s; she gave it to me when we moved in. I have so many memories of her getting ready here when I was a child. The lady on the horse print is by Iris Schwarz.

Image above: I bought this typewriter on my last trip to Austin right before we were married and ended up using it for all my thank you cards. I leave it with paper ready to go and always find hysterical notes written after parties at our house. The painting of the lady was made by my mother-in-law, who is an amazing artist. The Staffordshire dog is part of a collection I’ve had since I was young.

Image above: When I started our bedroom, my inspiration was a cloud (I know it sounds silly). I wanted a quiet, bright, and comfortable place just for us, and it is my favorite place in the house. I always stick with all-white bedding and recently added the kantha, which was a gift from a friend from a recent trip to Turkey. The lamp is from WS home, and I made the headboard myself — I love to sew and do home projects.

Image above: I absolutely love how modern our kitchen is. I’m not sure why, but it’s the easiest kitchen to clean I’ve ever had. The kitchen island is on wheels and moves around when we entertain. I love tabletop items and try to bring back one thing from each of my travels. The collection is eclectic, but it’s all pretty and sits nicely together.

Image above: The fridge started with just a few pictures, and I just can’t stop adding. I try to keep printing pictures as much as I can so they aren’t trapped on my phone or computer. Lots of wonderful memories that I’m reminded of every day.

Image above: We have a tiny balcony off our study that looks out to our building courtyard and has a view of the beautiful brick building across the way. It’s always sunny here in the morning.

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  • Love it! Seeing your home just helped me make up my mind about a paint color for my own home.

  • I LOVE this home! So inspiring. I love the whimsy mixed in with more formal elements. Beautifully laid out. Just. Wow. Can you tell us the paint you used for the study walls, bookshelves and also for the bedroom?

  • Love the bookshelves in the “blue room”, and the Art throughout the house!

    great job.

  • Lovely and fresh! Powder room art wall is fantastic as is all the textures in the house. Sounds like a great home to relax, eat, drink and be merry in!

  • love it all, especially that rug in the second to last shot. any ideas where to find something like that?

  • This is one of my favorite sneak peeks in awhile – the powder room and office are some of my favorite images from recent tours. And I always love seeing fellow Bay Area residents profiled.

  • i love the pics on the fridge, it manages to be full of stuff without feeling cluttered. it’s a big impact and personal.

  • AHmazing. So inspiring… whimsical yet serious, modern and traditional, lovely art, cozy and an impeccable color palate. Just beautiful.

  • Not only do you have great stuff, you put it together seamlessly.

    I love the desk in the bedroom, and the color of the walls.

  • Amazing home, love the island on wheels, the fridge covered in photos, the teal, the exterior doors… Sublime but unstuffy!

  • Wow! Thanks everyone . Paint in the blue room is a 50/50 Gentleman’s Gray/Twilight from Benjamin Moore. Console is from HD Buttercup .

  • I’ve been waiting for the name of the blue in the bedroom. We are searching for a light blue and the one you have used is very nice!

  • Love, love, love this home! May be one of my favorite sneak peeks yet. All the beautiful textures and textiles have me salivating. And I want their Westie, too.

  • Beautiful home! Especially the bathroom looks like a very inspiring place!^^ Thanks for this sneak peak!

  • I think others have asked the same question, but I really do love the paint colour on the study bookcase… any chance you could share what it is? (Beautiful house, also!)

  • I really like how every room has its own personality. Great use of color, and accessories.

  • So much to love here! Do you know the name of that tall plant in the corner of the sitting room? My house is desperate for some green. Thanks!

  • I think the typewriter with paper at the ready for parties is a brilliant idea. Why not leave out a pair of knitting needles with a swatch started next time? People get goofy when they’ve had a drink or two …and they’re more willing to try something they haven’t done before….like knitting. Heck, even a crochet hook and some yarn would work. Might create some new knitters. You could even type on the typewriter, “Check out the knitting needles. K2, P1 for a free martini in the kitchen.”

  • Any idea who makes the kitchen cabinets? I would love some that are eay to clean and look so great.

  • Thanks again everyone!
    – The bedroom color is BM whispering spring.
    – The study color is a 50/50 Gentleman’s Gray/Twilight both BM.
    – Im not sure who made the cabinets.
    – The tall plant in the corner is a Fiddlers Fig.
    – The dining table is an antique with no maker on it .

  • A total dream! You have great style. A perfect combination of formal and funky. I love every single detail, down to the gorgeous pup. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty every day! xo.

  • One of my favorite Sneak Peeks in a long time. Love your style. Wish it was my home!

    Where did you get the Pigeons?

  • I’d love to learn more about the pigeons…you say they are your work. Are they paintings? Do you sell them anywhere? Or have a gallery? They are so interesting and appealing…I have a pigeon-loving friend who would LOVE one… Forget her–I’D love one!

  • I love your beautiful home. I still remember all the beautiful linens that you cherished in a bag in back of your VW station wagon. It’s been a while.
    Hope to see you and Max in person soon.

    Love and Kisses, Paula

  • Dear Zoe and Max,

    Love everything!!!! Looks like a beautiful apartment in Paris!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see it someday in person!!!!

    love, Paula

  • What beautiful artwork! I love the personal touch behind each piece. Agnes is adorable too :)

  • Such an impeccable aesthetic. Every room is perfection. I remember fondly our typewitten thank you note – so sweet, so heartfelt. These rooms say so much about you both. Just beautiful!

  • how refreshing to see a lovely, put-together, totally styled home! no antlers, no mishmashed decorating styles put together in the name of home decorating. kudos! you’re in my favorite city! just looking out the window at the brick building made me homesick!!

  • What an amazing home. Strikes that note between soothing, sophisticated and fun. Well done. Where is the couch from?

  • Zoe your taste is impeccable! Love seeing your home up here shot by the fabulous Liz Daly. She captured all the gorgeous little details so well.

  • Lovely Home! Congrats!!! Can you let me in on where you purchased the console table where you keep the china?

  • Gorgeous home Zoe & well deserving of the feature! Your sensibility comes through in every photo and you are a joy to work with ;) Well done!

  • Imagine my relief to see your fridge covered in pictures! Brings further personality….
    Thank you!

  • I love everything….your taste and style is impeccable….and your anticdote and comments show how much thought and feeling you have put into every detail of your beautiful home.

  • Your home is beautiful! Love Agnes the dog. Would like to know the sofa she is sitting on.
    Love the gray flannel.

  • Hi, I love your bar area sideboard and would love it if you can please tell me the manufacturer! I have been looking for something like this for a while now! Thank you in advance!

  • love it all. the teal bookcase put me over the top. Must have that console/buffet. Freaking out.

  • One of my favorite Sneak Peek’s ever. ZOE, hope I’m not too late to ask a couple questions. Do you mind sharing where you got the rug in the first pic? And the material on your headboard? I am going to try to make one myself, too.

  • By far one of my most favorite favorite sneak peaks! It is the perfect balance of whimsy, elegance, comfort and style. C’est superbe!

  • Beautiful!! Love every room! I love that her bedroom was inspired by a cloud–I’ve definitely wanted that sort of thing for a bedroom before! Lots of down comforters…

    Also, the art in the bathroom gives it so much more character! May have to do that!

  • Small world indeed. I believe I may have worked with your Mother, Brigitte in real estate in SF when you were just a little teenager. I remember your black & white polka dot prom dress…which she borrowed. You have the ecclectic taste of Brigitte. She always encouraged me to push the envelope of fashion and lift my head high. So lovely to see you all grown up.

  • I love your bar console. Could you possibly tell me where you bought it from? I would greatly appreciate it, I have been looking for a piece like this for a while now and haven’t seen anything. Thank you for your time.

    Kasey Blake

  • Since I was a child, my favorite houses have always been those with books. Book everywhere. In built-in bookshelves. In battered bookcases. Even stacked on the stairs. No matter how they’re arranged, books add warmth and humanity to a house. They say, “a reader lives here.” And he pisses in the toilet.

  • Hi! Love this post! I am avidly searching for a new paint color for our bedroom, and I fell in love with the color in yours. Could you possibly provide paint info? I would be so grateful!! Thanks!!

  • I love your house so much I keep coming back for another look! What kind of paint did you use on the kitchen cabinets?

  • Hi Zoe,
    I adore your home. Any chance you could share the material on your headboard? Does it have piping on it as well? (hard to see in the photo) You did a beautiful job with it! I’m going to make an attempt at it :)

  • i wish to the heavens that these images would give a better view of the space, rather than these little vinette detail shots! oh well.

  • I was so inspired by the color in the study that I went for it in our powder room. Not only do we love it, but I get so many compliments on it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Richelle –
    Have you checked West Elm? They have some white Euro shams. xoAmy

  • Message for Zoe,
    I have no other way to contact you – but looking at this site I recognise the black and white picture of Brigitte and Peter on your bookcase – so I know it is you. I was searching for her new contact details and your name cropped up – we last saw each other when you were tiny and I came to stay at the house near Canaan — your father was my great friend, in London, but I went to work in Hong Kong when they left for New York and we hardly saw each other afterwards. i would love to be in touch with her again.

  • Message for Zoe –
    I recognise the photo of Peter and Brigitte on your bookcase, but we havent seen each other since 1979 soon after you were born, when i came to stay with you at Canaan. Peter and I were great friends and I bandaged up his shoulder the evening before his first date with your mother, we were on a ski trip together when they met…. i would like to get back in touch with Brigitte

  • Pigeons for sale? I’ve pinned them and keep coming back to them over and over. I may do something similar myself but thought I’d ask first.

  • Hi there,

    I am having a crazy hard time finding a console/buffet/credenza like the one above… the white with wood doors, mid-century looking that they used for their bar area. Can I ask where they got this? We have our home on a homes tour Dec 1 and we are remodeling and renovation the whole home.. lots of work to do-yikes… so I dont have time to “treasure hunt” and find unique pieces. Any help you to direct me to a buffet storage like that for our dining room would be superbly amazing!! Thank so much

  • HI,

    I was hoping you could let me know where the credenza is from? The one that has your barware.



  • Are the pigeon prints in the powder room for sale? They’re fantastic and would be perfect additions for out bathroom! Great blog!

  • I was hoping you could tell me about the console / sideboard / buffet you have and where you got it. I love the mid-century style, the legs are fabulous! (“We bought this console to store my vintage glassware collection and M’s mom’s wedding china…”). Thank you!