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sneak peek: jamie lyn + jessica fowler

by Amy Azzarito

Jamie Lyn tried her hand at nearly every visual art before falling in love with jewelry design. She worked as a prop person on a few period films and began accumulating a collection of vintage objects like world coins, men’s pocket-watch chains and pen knives. She began experimenting with turning these finds into jewelry pieces. When her jewelry line, Ax + Apple, grew, Jamie enlisted the help of her childhood friend Jessica Fowler. The pair moved into this space in Austin’s French Place neighborhood in 2010. They were looking for a dwelling that could function as a studio and living space. Initially, they hoped to find a three-bedroom house, but the dining room in this home, with its large bay windows, became the perfect place to set up shop. Jamie and Jessica have been avid thrift shoppers since they were old enough to have credit cards. Their love of vintage has had a huge influence on everything from their product and personal styles to the way they’ve decorated their home. Thanks, Jamie and Jessica! — Amy Azzarito

(Ed. note: If you love this peek, see Make it Yours: Jamie Lyn + Jessica Fowler, to get the look!)

Image above: The living room provides the perfect getaway from our long days in the studio. Although the two rooms are back-to-back, it is practically a different world on this side. The working fireplace, shag rug, and rustic accents lend the perfect laid-back vibe to the space.

Image above: These Polaroids were shot on a cross-country road trip. They have been a centerpiece in every living room I’ve had since I shot them five years ago.

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Image above: You will find mini still lifes all over our home. I became obsessed with spray painting animal skulls gold at one point, so you will find a lot of these as well. Family is really big to us around here, so much of our wall art is centered on them. I always think the key to a successful wall collage is incorporating photographs as well as found objects. It gives the space a more personal feel.

Image above: The studio. Where the magic happens! Organization is key no matter what room you’re in, but in a studio as small and as busy as ours, it is pretty much a matter of life and death. I have a thing for vintage scissors, so I love to hang them from nails on the wall. Functional art. We use them throughout the day, and when it’s time to clean up, they become art again.

Image above: That’s Bridget. She’s our mascot. We try to keep this side of the room as clean as possible. It is our “showroom,” so to speak. We keep our most current collection on the wall to pull for photoshoots and for easy reference when we are building an order. It is fun to watch people walk into the room. It is always the first spot they gravitate toward.

Image above: The bedspread is from Anthropologie, and the end table is vintage.

Image above: Mom & Dad

Image above: Best kitchen ever. The white tile and windowed cabinets keep it very clean and open. Jessica threw in a splash of color by sewing a piece of fabric she picked up at Ikea. I accumulated the ceramic animal heads at various thrift stores in San Francisco. I could live in this kitchen!

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